They all know each other. They’ve probably met in a bikini contest in Santiago Cove, Ilocos Sur or maybe in the Ginoong Magayon competition in Legazpi City. Or perhaps Lips Bar from way back. They’re most happy and comfy parading in wispy little nothings with numbers attached. It’s all about the prize money and the thrill of being admired by an ogling bunch out for some sleazefest. These are the boys, regulars in the bikini competitions around town!


He was here a couple of days ago as he walked the runway at the Araneta Coliseum for an underwear show. Six-feet-tall Ji Buan Ho is a popular Chinese model and he’s gone skimpy-and-tight-briefs-exclusive for local brand Bench Body. In fact, he’s the main man for Bench in China with his sexy billboards and advertisements everywhere.

Even Fantastica

Freeze-frame is the new duct tape. The wonders of technology, indeed. On a balmy Friday night I stayed home and decided to get that warm fuzzy feeling watching the noirish [crime, cynical characters, sleazy settings] movies of the fantastic Mr. Morales. Of course, he had a lot of those penis shots, however fast and fleeting they were, uh, exhibited. But nothing beats freeze-frame or whatever you call it. Like this scene from Butas. Time to buy all the DVDs of this guy!

Down and Dirrty

Hey look it’s Rocco Nacino on the ground, shirtless in Bench jeans and briefs! The 23-year-old GMA-7 talent is also appearing in tonight’s Bench Uncut show. He says he’s doubly excited about wearing the new line of jeans of the local clothing brand. It means he’ll just go shirtless. Maybe he’s just calibrating this time. Two years from now, Rocco might just go all out in tiny undies in the Bench show.