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Win some, lose some. That’s what Jhon Mark Marcia may be thinking right now as he failed to get one of the top prizes and positions in yesterday’s major bikini contest. Nevertheless, John Mark’s unfazed and he’s ready to take on a dozen more bikini open competitions in the coming months. His last win was at Heatwave: The Summer Bikini Showdown 2010 where he won first runner-up.


The pool. The plants. The prominence in the tight underpants. Frequent blob-in-this-blog boy Ram Ace Bautista is cooling and stimulating. Despite advancing in bikini-open years, he’s still got the goods, enough to seethe and sizzle a sexy photo shoot.

Win Dick Win

Will he win tonight? Will someone pull off an upset? Will someone pull out a big surprise? Too many questions. Too many sexy guys. Catch the grand finals tonight of summer’s last shout-out to cocky boys and teensy-weensy bikinis – Hataw Super Bodies Bikini Open Year 5 at the Metro Bar along West Avenue in Quezon City.


There are lots of cute and young boys tomorrow at the grand finals of Hataw Super Bodies Bikini Open Year 5. In photo is one of the candidates – Josh Marzan, barely legal at 18 years and a student at AUF rival Holy Angel University in Angeles City, Pampanga. Watch Josh compete tomorrow night at the Metro Bar along West Ave. in Quezon City. Tickets will be sold at the gates.


Jojo Nepacina is one of the contestants in this year’s biggest bikini competition – Hataw Super Bodies Bikini Open Year 5 happening tomorrow, 18 August 2010 at the Metro Bar in Quezon City. Jojo Nepacina is 21 years old, 5’10” tall and a native of Pangasinan province. Catch him plus a dozen more boys in ‘kinis on finals night! For tickets and other details you may call 710.0352 or 0929 186.8060.


Fresh off the pan! If short and petite guys are your type, then 19-year-old Kenji Garcia fits your bill. He’s starting out in the bikini open circuit in the big city this early. Not to be confused with the other Kenjie Garcia [of Antonio and Kambyo fame], this Kenji Garcia is a native of Lubao, Pampanga where he has won quite a number of the male personality contests in the area.

Candy Cuties

Don’t you just love chinito guys? Like these boys – Jiro Shirakawa and Brent Javier – cute, polished and well-formed. Jiro and Brent, who have are both Mossimo Bikini Summit winners – are now tv actors after trying out modeling for some time. Both have cute buns, too.

Brotherly Love

How about sibling love and affection? The Ataellahi twins are back and they’re heating up the pool in tiny teenie swimwear! Robert and Albert Ataellahi are identical twins from Tehran, Iran who are here for medical studies at the Manila Central University in Caloocan City. After school, the 27-year-old twins – who were featured last year in Cosmopolitan [Phils] magazine’s 69 hot and new bachelors – appear in the fashion runways and catwalks.

Indie Boy Again

This is, of course, a promo for the new movie Indie Boys, starring former Freshman Andrew Miguel and frontal nudity guy Ian Mesias. Indie Boys is about what’s going on in the gay indie movie industry. In photo is one of the supporting actors – newcomer Angelo Cruz, who might just spring a surprise in the movie. Indie Boys will be shown on 25 August 2010 in selected theaters.


Oh, but there’s another of them from Angeles University Foundation [AUF] after Richard and Jefferson! His name is Aaron Yanga, 20-year-old Mr. AUF 2009 first runner-up. He’s a familiar face [and body] in Pampanga and he’s won some contests in the area. Moreover, he went to Bicol last summer to grab the top prize in the Baybayon Festival’s bikini contest. In Manila, he was last known as Yco Mijares who landed in runner-up position at the 2009 Heatwave: The Summer Bikini Showdown.
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