Hot or not? Twenty-three-year-old singer Kean Cipriano is making big career moves in TV5 and it looks like he’s being groomed for the big time. Aside from fronting the band Callalily, he’s been most conspicuous lately – as one of the centerfolds in the recently-released Folio magazine, a hunky bachelor in Cosmopolitan [Phils] magazine’s annual fleshfest, and as a lead actor in TV5’s shows.


According to Wikipedia, Cameltoe is a slang term that refers to the outline of a human female’s labia majora seen through tight clothes. Male organs showing through clothes at the crotch may be called moose knuckle or caMaletoe. Cameltoe commonly occurs as a result of wearing tight fitting clothes, such as jeans, shorts, hotpants or swimwear. Due to a combination of anatomical factors, the snugness of the fabric in the region surrounding the cleft of venus may result in the area of the crotch taking on the appearance of the forefoot of a camel. In photo, for example: Joseph Boustani, 5’8″ tall, 21 year-old Filipino-Lebanese, born and raised in the U.S. and now here in Manila doing ramp and tv commercial modeling.

Vintage Sunday

And so it’s Anton Bernardo‘s turn for this Sunday feature. Anton was one of the major queer fantasies in the 90s, as he appeared in sex-themed movies, magazines and even tv shows, which were considered daring and uh, cocky during his time. This was the 90s and the digital camera was just starting to be developed commercially. Despite the crude photo, Mr. Bernardo, lust idol in his time, still turned out in a remarkable image, if you ask me.


Who is this guy wearing Bench Body briefs? Intense and expressive, he is making some distinct mark with his white underwear. His name is Ji Huan Bo, a 29-year-old Chinese mod, who’s currently the signed model of the Bench brand in his home country. Now, if only Bench can ask its models to do the same here – sans the photoshop treatment of its billboards and posters – bump, bulges and all.


Twenty-seven years ago, a cute cheerleader of the San Sebastian College was discovered by a talent scout, who asked a young Patrick dela Rosa to do a VTR for a CloseUp toothpaste tv commercial. Patrick reluctantly went to the VTR and he was immediately cast as the lead in the TVC. Regal Films eventually signed up the toothy chinito cheerleader in a series of sexy movies. His first movie was in the 1983 hit flick, Shame, with doomed beauty Claudia Zobel. Back then, a butt exposure was big deal and Patrick had no qualms in his sex scenes. Next he did Climax [1985] and White Slavery [1985], movies with gratuitous sex scenes. Patrick took a respite from sex flicks after the car-accident death of his leading lady in Shame. He resurfaced in 1990, as the villain in action B-movies. He was, in fact, good at villain roles that producers always got his services as the token bad guy with the big gun. Ooops, did I just fast-forward to Vintage Sunday?


Could this be _______, back when he was a modeling upstart sans the tattoos on his firm bod? This is actually the image on the cover of the new photo book featuring gorgeous men – mostly fly-in models from Europe and Latin America, released recently. The book is by a famous fashion photographer, known also for his men’s underwear line in his country. And why would _______ be on the cover of the photo book? Because he is the all-time favorite of the lensman, who was even rumored to be devastated when _______ finally moved to another country for greener pastures.


He’s the cutest member of the sexy male group Masculados Dos. Twenty-one year-old Nico Cordova never fails to elicit the most number of shrieks and screams from the audience whenever he performs with his group. The charming and sexy hunk is a political science grad from the University of Caloocan. Incidentally, Masculados Dos won the Best Novelty Album award at the PMPC Star Awards for Music held recently. UPH took the photos above.


Suddenly, actor and reality-show contestant Ahron Villena‘s pitch as the underwear model for local brand Walker has upped his street cred and marketableness in showbiz. Of course, his appearance in Survivor as a shirtless young hunk has also boosted his once-fledgling career. He’s now primed for his more than 15 minutes of fame.