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Vintage Sunday

Before he became a leading man in some comedy and drama movies, Jay Manalo was a cute boy who starred in forgettable sexy flicks. His star turn came in 1997 when he took lead in Totoy Mola, a movie about a Lothario with a horse penis. From then on, rumors and speculations flourished about the true-life size of Jay Manalo‘s member. Is he really mondo-jumbo down there?


When will Orlando Bloom? That’s the cheesy line I saw in a shirt somewhere. But really, when will Orlando Sol bloom? When will his career advance? It looks like he’s pretty much done everything now, but still we don’t see enough of him in the mainstream consciousness of showbiz. He’s a talented kid [sings, dances and acts well – remember, he started out in theater] and he deserves some flash, bam, alakazam in his fledgling showbiz career.


Twenty-seven-year-old actor Marco Alcaraz is our regulation post today of guy-with-bulge-in-underwear. The tall and swarthy hunk from Cebu recently appeared in the sexy rag Folio, where he was in his element with come-hither poses. Aside from the indie movies that he’s doing, he’s regularly seen on tv playing bit and supporting roles.


Starstruck alum Enzo Pineda is also making some moves in his career. While rival Rocco Nacino teased with his bulge for Cosmopolitan [Phils] magazine, the 6′-tall newcomer topped this year’s list of Candy Cuties, an annual voting done by the teen mag Candy. Enzo is also occupied these days doing comedy and variety shows for GMA-7.


Don’t count out Marco Morales just yet. He’s actually busy doing movies, where he does what he loves doing best. That is, of course, serious acting and some shedding of clothes. The latest gay flick that he has done and is slated for showing soon is Laruang Lalake where he gets to play lead and mess up the character of cute comer Arjay Carreon. Laruang Lalake was recently approved without cuts for commercial showing by the MTRCB.


Twenty-one-year-old actor and commercial model Carlo Guevara a.k.a. Carl Guevara may be Aljur‘s greatest threat to the leading-man throne over at GMA-7. After his transfer from rival station ABS-CBN where he was discovered via the Bench reality show, Carl is now enjoying the exposure at GMA with prominent roles in two shows. It seems like sexy Carl is on track for stardom.

Aljur Again

According to the poll results, most of you want to see Aljur Abrenica in briefs, tight gauzy-gossamer bikini briefs. And wet, too! Out of the 5,508 votes cast, he got 1379. This number is followed by the 937 cast for Mike Tan, 632 for Rocco Nacino and 599 for Gerald Anderson. The rest of the boys trailed behind. Now, the only problem is – if only their handlers, managers and talent agencies will allow them to do a sexy magazine shoot a la X-RAY or even Climax.

Sold Out

The people behind the sexy mag Folio would like to thank everyone who bought a copy. Out of the limited prints distributed for sale, only a few remain at CV Magazines located at the ground floor of the Landmark Department Store in Makati, as the stocks at Fully Booked, Filbars and BookSale have all been practically sold out. Of course, Folio will be back soon with a new set of boys. In photo: Edgar Allan Guzman.


Thirty-year-old actor Luis Alandy is proving he’s in it for the long haul. In an industry where youth is one of the primary factors to get projects, Luis is banking on talent and good looks for staying in show business. He’s currently tied up with a GMA-7 contract for its shows and soaps, where most of the time he plays anti-hero roles. He’s gone sexy, too, most recently for the gay rag Folio.

Vintage Sunday

Back in the days when the internet was unheard of, matinee and drama actors were also caught on camera posing buck naked, with their privates exposed for the whole world to see. The difference then was that these pictures were not published in magazines but printed out and sold in the dark alleys around Recto Ave. in Manila. As seen in the photos above of Michael de Mesa [top], Tirso Cruz III [bottom, leftmost], William Martinez [middle] and Christopher de Leon, they were fully aware that their images were being captured on film.
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