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Many Happy Returns

It’s our favorite nippo-brasileiro underwear model, of course! Hideo Muraoka used to be the top guy for the undergarments line of Folded & Hung. He and his large crotch lorded over the billboards [and print ads] before for F & H‘s sexy tiny jockeys. Well, now he’s back to reclaim the title from the upstarts. Expect to see more of Hideo‘s images for the direct-selling clothing brand Milk & Co. in a few days to come.


There’s a new underwear endorser for a local brand and he’s still hot, hot, hot after appearing some time back in skimpy cotton briefs for another mark. This time, he’s donning the comfy whities plus a whole lot more of the printed ones, to boost the brand’s line. Who is he?

Jockstrap Dream

Let’s take a short break from the features on the boys next door gone sexy. How about some boy wearing a jockstrap today? That’s Gabriel del Rosario of the defunct sexy group Provoq. Lately, the bikini boys have been seen wearing jockstraps in some competitions. They’re getting bolder and bolder a la Lips Bar. Also, one mainstream newbie was seen in an athletic supporter. And then again that is quite understandable as he’ll do anything to get noticed. Heck, I wouldn’t mind. Bring on the jockstrap boys!

Opening Doors

IKR? But give it to me just this time. More images of him, of course. Hot and fresh off the behind-the-scenes grill. This time, he’s covering the February 2011 issue of Men’s Health Philippines. If you noticed, he’s still “fat” in these pictures, which were taken last December when his training for his new prime time show wasn’t yet in full blast. Now, he’s fit and fascinating, in time for the preem of his show later after the news at GMA-7!


In February 2010, Survivor Philippines castaway Marvin Kiefer entered showbiz via an afternoon show on GMA-7. That time, he declared that he will never wear speedos and skimpy underwear in public and photo shoots, unlike his older brother Raphael, the model. Flash- forward to the 18 January 2011 episode of the prime time series Beauty Queen on the same station and we get to see Marvin not just in conservative black briefs [see photos, contestant no. 7] but also in wet white and way-t00-loose underwear [Google the video episode] with Luis Alandy and Marco Morales. Such a delight!

Vintage Sunday

Not actually vintage, but still – this one happened 16 years ago. In 1995, a fresh-faced lad by the name of Matthew Mendoza was discovered in a toothpaste commercial. The late 90s saw him grow as one of the leading men of his time. Now in his late 30s, he’s playing goody two-shoes father roles. He will be seen next in the GMA-7 afternoon series Alakdana. Of course, he’s still hot these days.

Boys in Whities

These are the last few days of the Hot Hunks 2010 contest! It looks like someone’s on his way to winning in the voting. Yet, the boys are still here – in fact, three of the contestants make an appearance today. Of course, you know the Korean guy Dandy Yap [middle photo], who declared most recently that he’s the “only model” in the bunch. He’s not aware that Clyde Cruz [top photo] started out early on the ramp for fashion designers and commercial brands. That makes Clyde the veteran model. And then there’s the Rainier Castillo doppelgänger, Jerome Santos – who is just starting out in the bikini open circuit. The DVD and VCD copies of Hot Hunks are still available at AstroVision, SM Record Bars and other department stores nationwide.

Return To Temptation

That’s Jake Cuenca rubbing his weenie wiener on some skank’s legs on a Vespa. Most beloved of all Bench Body models, the premier nudist gets to have his first crack at the local brand’s new campaign [probably for summer] Return to Temptation. The new advertisement also features a raffle contest for the iconic metal-bodied Vespa scooter, courtesy of Bench.


Enough with the bickering first! Let’s move on to the bikini boys. There are fresh and new faces this year in the bikini open circuit. And younger, too! Between these two above – 19-year-old Louie Favila [left] and 21-year-old Jorell Dailo, who do you think won in the bikini contest that night? The mestizo from Cainta, Rizal [17] looks naughty and sexy, but you can never count out the chinito from Nagcarlan, Laguna [18], who appears boyish and innocent. Who’s your choice?

Buhawi Jack

I get these types in the mail too. Handsome boys with their shirts on. And they carry big sticks! Here’s the PR:  Tomorrow – 22 January 2011, Kapamilya viewers will finally witness the premiere of the action-drama adventure Buhawi Jack, which features the Action-Drama Prince Gerald Anderson. This is a highly anticipated show as it marks the return of Gerald, who is striking out on his own with a new leading lady.  There is a lot to be learned from the show, which uses historical figures, places and things as a backdrop to the high-action sequences. Right.
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