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On 24 January 2011, there’s also one GMA-7 show worthy of our hunk-watching attention. A new, sexier and handsomer Paulo Avelino plays the male lead in the afternoon fantasy series Alakdana. The 22-year-old actor is taking off as one of the station’s best bets for leading-manhood this year. Of course you noticed he’s wearing Bench Body briefs in the photo above. A more revealing Paulo next time?

Body of Evidence

The man responsible for the Machete body and the Machete diet is 27-year-old Billy James Renacia. As the trainer of Aljur for the sexy role, Billy James had to strictly implement the diet and fitness plan to sculpt the actor’s body in time for his shoot of the prime time series. Billy James was the first runner-up of hot daddy Shaun Rodriguez in the 2008 Mr. Slimmers World contest.

Stout Boys Are Sexy

In the upcoming series [due 24 January 2010 on GMA-7’s prime time] Machete portrayed by it-boy Aljur [bottom images], the male support are also going sexy. The brother of Richard Gutierrez [not the extra pudgy one] is there, and so is Polo Ravales [see his buttocks]. Now, if you are into bears and cubs and chubby guys, Ryan Eigenmann is also wearing a skirt in the fantasy show. Right on!

A Band Of Boys

Why is Richard Gutierrez surrounded by shirtless boys in cutoff denim shorts? Are these images for a gay indie flick – where he’s the star among badass, testosterone-filled horndogs in some grim, post-apocalyptic landscape? Sort of, except for the “gay” and “indie.” Mr. Gutierrez is doing a Valentine movie for Regal Films and it’s a trilogy. The third episode’s titled “Gunaw” – end of the world, last woman standing, sweaty boys with nice bods and one robust lead actor in denim jacket. There goes the story.

Fair To Middling

Well, after the cute actors and models, let’s do some sleaze. The usual suspects in the bikini competitions are here. AJ Ona [red briefs] and Jhon Mark Marcia are card-carrying members of the bikini open circuit of the Philippines. They can wear almost anything – wet and wild, thin and transparent, cheap and chintzy. As long as their penises are hard and discernible. Tee-hee!


It’s the changing of the guards! Dynamic adjustments are under way on prime time tv! The younger ones are taking over the lead, and the boys are going sexy. They are pushing the hemlines of their shirts higher and the waistlines of their pants lower, subsequently losing their clothes along the way to test the limits of television. Indeed, the twenty-something actors are making forceful leaps and lopes on their way to tv dominance. The movies are next!


His horoscope said it would be a good year. Model Richard Pangilinan is slowly making clear and confident strides in the metro’s fashion runways. After languishing in relative obscurity for quite some time, he had his star turn in last year’s Hataw Super Bodies Bikini Open. He’s now in the big city doing modeling jobs for popular brands and designers.

Vintage Sunday

L-R: Paul, Denmark and Jay
Our recent posts on the Guesande siblings have generated so much response, considerable buzz about these exotic dancers-brothers with the large tadgers. Someone even suggested gathering them together for a limited, one-night engagement. Sort of a pants-off dance-off thing, with dingdongs dangling, of course! Now, if only we can locate these three these days. Anyone?

Silent Sigh

Where did they go wrong? They are pretty boys, thrust to instant fame via a reality search. They had the machinery – PR, tv exposure, publicity – at their disposal. But where are they now? Did Prince Stefan [left] get waylaid to superstardom? What happened to Mike Tan, who must’ve tripped on his way to pop acceptance?


Here, you can use these images in your sites to promote the showing of GMA-7’s newest prime time show Machete on 24 January 2011. The station’s going full blast in the promos and you’ll see an overload of images in the days to come. You can’t complain because these are photos of the sexy young man doing that wooden figure character. Hopefully, the series won’t disappoint.
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