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Jay The Youngest

By request, here’s Jay, the youngest of the dancing Brothers Guesande. Although Jay did not quite attain his older brother Paul‘s popularity in the gay bar scene, he earned a repute as the most daring brother for dancing all the way, the full monty on stage. He also won a competition among exotic dancers from all the metro’s gay bars.

Dance, Dance!

Dancer in the dark is 27-year-old actor and Bench Body underware, er, underwear model Marco Alcaraz. He’s in the news lately for getting married abroad, as if the situation would warrant an outburst of grief and regretfulness from showbiz lookers-on and kibitzers. It merely affirms he is a straight guy. With occasional lapses in earthy judgment, of course.


What is the measure of a man? Oh darn, that’s a rather silly starting line! The thing is, while we’re on the theme of erect penises in tight jockeys, here’s 20-year-old Jethro Sanchez, one of the more daring guys of BIKINI TV: HOT HUNKS 2010. The semi-reality series is still available at AstroVision, SM Records Bars and other department stores nationwide. The DVD costs Php 350 while VCD is at Php 250 each. Hard sell, huh?


What if JC de Vera dressed up like some gigolo from the 70s? A skeezer on a denim blazer. I think he’s hot! Just look at those big, muscular thighs – he could be an underwear model any time. Now that he’s slowly rebuilding his career in TV5, once derailed on the way to leading-man status while in GMA-7, JC could use some image boost as a serious actor. With a sexy twist, of course.


Hmmm, I’m not really sure about that caveman bit – you know, long and dirty hair, bone necklace, Adidas headband and loincloth, but Aljur needs some makeover lovin’ after that costume! I mean, if I want to see him shirtless every night on tv, I need to see shorter hair and tinier covering cloth! So, do you think his Machete getup is hot?

Seeing Red

And I have to make the necessary corrections in asserting that Raph Almeda donned a prosthetic penis while posing for Soda underwear in my Endorsers post below. Reader H.L. writes via email, giving the third degree in a nice way, asking if it’s really plastic or not, that he has a good photo of Mr. Almeda from an Alabang Festival Mall event, and that he thinks it’s real. Mea culpa.

Vintage Sunday

Who’s bigger? Who’s better? It’s the Brothers Guesande – Paul The Elder [left] and Denmark The Younger, who blazed through the exotic dancing scene in the not-so-distant past, with sheer talent, sheer jockeys, and schlongs-a-dangling. And, did I mention there’s a Jay The Youngest?


It’s the year of the celebrity and demicelebrity endorsements of underwear brands. Taking their cue from the Bench Body formula of featuring actors and models, local underclothing marks are seeking out other unsigned celebs for their seals of approval. And sexy, racy photo shoots, of course. With the exception of Bench [they are too many!] and Folded and Hung [no one’s there yet, after Hideo], here’s a rundown of some boys in smallclothes –

Lately, we’ve seen the surge of the younger ones giving boost to local jockey brands. Ian Batherson [left] surprised everyone with his Sunjoy contract. Jason Abalos [center] went daring for Cotton Club after Aljur left for greener pastures a.k.a. Bench Body. Ahron Villena represented Walker, after Jericho Rosales and Alfred Vargas decided to go commando.

Pretty soon, charming actor Geoff Eigenmann will wear the Hanford briefs in billboards and commercial ads, like the Younghusband brothers before him, if only to up the ante for the brand he’s currently lending his name to. Geoff replaced Dingdong Dantes, when the latter started wearing size-under Bench Body jocks.

Model-actor Victor Basa, the one with the bee-stung lips, took over the reins from Akihiro Sato for Penshoppe’s Undercover line. The briefs are all conservative and cutesy, as compared to the raunchy designs of Penshoppe’s competitors.

Boyish model and occasional actor Brent Javier went from Bench Body to Nathaniel, the men’s underwear brand of Natasha, a successful direct-selling brand of clothes and accessories.

Model and bikini open veteran Raph Almeda shook some conservative sensibilities by donning a large plastic penis for Soda, another local underwear brand for teens. Sexy guy Johnron Tanada was the former endorser.

Chunky actor Carlos Agassi played coy promoting Guitar underwear, a a small brand since the 1960s with a niche position among schoolboys and in Manila’s Chinatown.

And, of course, who would forget the longest-signed endorser of underwear, 33-year-old model-actor Christian Vasquez for Baleno? Since 2002, this handsome hunk has been wearing Baleno briefs – including the outright amusing iBriefs, where the iPhones – but not the iPads -go.
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