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Mossimo Boys

Brent Javier, 2003

Marco Grazzini, 2004

Einar Ingebrigtsen, 2005

Jerome Ortiz, 2006

Andrew Smith, 2007

Jiro Shirakawa, 2009

There was a time when summer wouldn’t be complete without the annual Mossimo Bikini Summit, which churned a bumper crop of nice boys who eventually entered modeling and showbiz. This year, the bikini contest is now dubbed as The Mr. and Ms. EcoTourism Philippines – Mossimo Bikini Summit 2011 Edition. The finals night will be held in June 2011, while auditions are underway on 26-27 March and 2-3 April at the Discovery Suites in Ortigas Center. In the meantime, images above are past winners – with photos from their profiles prior to winning.

Carlo Tempts

Finally, cute pup Carlo Guevara [now Carl Guevara] gets to have his own billboard for Bench Body in the famed, accident-prone Magallanes cloverleaf flyover in Makati City. The images above, although a bit conservative for the clothing company’s tastes, still feature a sexy-fresh Carl. Currently, the young hunk is slugging it out with the Aljurs and the Paulos in GMA-7’s Sexy Boys Department.


Speaking of JC Tiuseco and Raph Kiefer, here’s Ram Sagad, the ultimate winner in the Century Tuna Superbods 2007. [A then unknown JC placed first runner-up while seasoned model Raph settled as second runner-up]. Of course, Ram went on to appear in the big fashion shows and TVCs and he dabbled in acting on tv soaps for a while. Ram is now trying to make a name for himself as a model in New York City.

The Brothers Kiefer

Cute brother models Marvin and Raphael Kiefer are very visible lately under the klieg lights. Marvin the Younger [shorter guy] is on GMA-7 as an actor in Show Me The Manny, a comedy show [sometimes he’s seen in his boxer briefs in scenes]. After his stint in Survivor Philippines, he’s been doing the rounds in the network’s shows. Raphael the Older did not go into acting but he’s one of the busiest male mods for A-list designers and brands.

Rance Dance!

Tomorrow, Friday, head over to the Machete Entertainment Bar along Roxas Boulevard in Pasay City [the bar’s between East Asia Club and Bejaya Club, across the Boom na Boom carnival grounds] for some sexy show entitled Guwapong Machete Bikini Showdown. One of the performers is 22-year-old Rance Rivera [in photos], who will do an erotic bump and grind. For tickets to the 10 p.m. show, call or text 710.0352 or 0905.3595091.

Happy Azkals

Meet some members of the much-lionized Philippine Azkals football team. Top image is Simon Greatwich, 21-year-old Filipino-English midfielder. He was born in Brighton, England but he’s currently based in Oneonta, New York where he goes to Hartwick College on a football scholarship. In the middle is Rob Gier, 31-year-old Filipino-English centerback. One of the oldest in the group, he’s married and based in Oxford, England. Bottom picture is, of course, Neil Etheridge, the 21-year-old Filipino-English goalkeeper. He is a senior member of the Fulham professional team in the English premier league – reason enough for him to miss the recent Mongolia outing of the team.

Tea Boy!

A PR from a friend: If you want to see Nestea tvc boy Neil “Nicos” Coleta live in person, watch Luv en Laugh, a music-dance show on 19 March 2011 [Saturday] at Zirkoh in Tomas Morato St., Quezon City. The cute tv actor, who continues to climb to fame via the ongoing iced tea commercial series, will be performing with a host of other talented singers and actors. For tickets, call 7100352 at 0905.3595091.

Machete Ends

Oi! What would make you want to sit down and watch Machete again and again? Say, for example, it will be extended for another season, what do you want [and not want] to see in the sexy Aljur series? Less wooden acting? Kill all the unknown female leads? Make him wear wet briefs all the time? Machete‘s going to be axed soon [get it? axed! lol] and some are not pleased. Maybe GMA-7 will extend just for a bit. Any suggestions?

Through The Years

Bench Body models Rafael Rosell and Jon Mullally a.k.a. Jon Avila have stayed on with the underwear company through the years. Despite the onslaught of new models and upstarts who can outstrip both hunks at the flick of the owner’s fingers and the drop of a precious peso, Jon and Rafael have managed to keep their cotton-lycra briefs on. Until when will they be underwear models?

Boys and Makeup

Of course, the images above are for illustration purposes only. The actors – Ahron, JC, Piolo and Enchongneed their beauty products before facing the cameras. But what do you think of boys actually wearing makeup on the streets? Should men do cosmetics?
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