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Model-actor Victor Aliwalas is on a roll in his home studio. After only a couple of years in the country [he grew up in New York City], he has already done numerous prime time soaps. Guest appearances in the movies also came along. Right now, Victor is busy with shows in GMA-7, making him one of the more visible actors in the tv network.


While we’re on the topic of Mossimo, the 2009 Mossimo Bikini Summit was a merry mix of runners-up. The winner Jiro Shirakawa, of course, was expected as it was buzzed around even before the finals night then that he’d get the top prize. What was interesting was the proclamation of two first runners-up. Dancer Angelo Cacciatore [above] was declared first runner-up during the contest.

Model and varsity baller Geron Lontoc was not named as one of the runners-up during the contest. [He was reportedly seen bawling back stage right after the proclamation, as he was promised a slot in the winners circle]. A week after the finals night, in a post-pageant party Geron was subsequently proclaimed by the organizers as the first runner-up. Angelo was not present at that time. So that made two first runners-up in the competition.


One of the standout male models these days is tall and exotic Alvin Aguilar. This 5’11”-tall hunk is a proud Abaknon, an ethnolinguistic group in the island-town of Capul in Northern Samar. His exotic good looks, of course, and killer abs are landing him the runway projects for the A-list designers and commercial brands.

Mister Brazil 2011

Well, almost. Twenty-four-year-old Brazilian model Cesar Curti placed second runner-up at the Mister Brasil 2011 competition. The 6’1″-tall nippo-brasileiro hunk, who has done numerous tv commercials in Manila, will compete in the Mr. International contest this year.

Diether Scaps

It’s hump day, scaps day! More of actor Diether Ocampo in his tighty whities, as seen in the reels of the 2000 romantic flick Bukas Na Lang Kita Mamahalin. The dashing actor, now in his late 30s, is now leaner, fitter and handsomer these days. It’s high time he should do those white briefs again in a photo shoot.

Hey, Charlie!

This Mossimo Bikini Summit batch is turning out to be a good one. Except for a couple of ugly guys, the boys in the contest look hot and fresh. The publicity photos didn’t just do them enough pictoric justice. One of the contestants who looks good – bone structure and all – is Charles Flores. And I don’t have enough info, too, about this one. Anyone?

1 and 2

The frontrunners in the Mossimo Bikini Summit Ecosomething contest are cute chinitos Renzie Ongkiko [top] and Nelson Banzuela. Renzie is a tv host, model, athlete and past winner of the Century Tuna Superbods competition. He has a degree in Mass Media from the De La Salle University [DLSU]. As for Nelson, who’s apparently new in the scene, any 411 on him guys?

Return to Temptation

So, it turns out that one of the most anticipated scenes in the film remake of the camp 80s classic Temptation Island turned out be a dud after all, that is, Aljur Abrenica reenacting the role of cute actor Alfie Anido (†) on the beach, in his tighty whities, and instead we get to see Aljur in, uh, loose boxers – horror of horrors, so unsexy and unfaithful, of course to the original movie scene such that the verdict is this – re-shoot the scene and make Aljur wear tighty whities! So there.


Actor-model Marvin Kiefer is getting good breaks lately in GMA. He’s in the comedy shows of the network, in addition to appearances on the variety shows. The 5’10”-tall Swiss-Flipino cutie is also an extreme sports enthusiast – mixed martial arts, longboarding, downhill biking, cliff jumping, skim boarding, surfing, Pinoy rafting ……

Bum Spot

And we’re back on regular programming, er, posting! Blogger, which hosts this site, went on a read-only mode yesterday. That explains the lack of posts yesterday. Anyhow, we’re back and here’s Luis Manzano and his juicy buttocks. These scaps were taken from the 2011 movie Who’s That Girl.
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