Kape Barako

Finally the premiere of the new gay indie flick Kape Barako is happening on 27 June 2011 (Monday) 8 pm at the UP Film Institute. Kape Barako stars Johnron Tanada [in photo], Frederick Peralta and newcomer hunks Miko Pasamonte, Marcus Aboga and Allen Stevens. It is a queer and comic film about five men and their desperate attempt to save their dying coffee shop. This digital feature is written by Lex Bonife [Parola, Antonio] and directed by Monti Parungao [Sagwan, Bayaw]. Everyone is invited. For ticket reservations, contact Kiko at 0917-9119414

Man Up

Oh, this is nice. Exclusive photos of sexy hairy guy Victor Aliwalas in underwear, walking on stage. The 28-year-old actor is one of the leading-men-in-waiting over at GMA. When he’s not busy taping for his new afternoon soap Sinner or Saint, he slips on his boxer briefs and models on the side.


Actor Carlos Agassi is in the limelight again, thanks to his bit parts on tv and EDSA billboards of Guitar underwear. What’s noticeable, though, in the billboards was some attempt to hide and downplay any prominence, some protuberance down there. The left images are the actual shots, while the right one is the messed-up image for the website and boards of Guitar underwear.