The things I get in the mail. This post is also entitled “In Hot Water.” Boy-in-the-news is Hans Ivan Ruiz. He’s 22 years old and a member of the Volleyball Team of the San Sebastian College-Recoletos in Manila.

Wild Imaginings

I’m going away for a while, which means I won’t be putting some posts regularly. In the meantime I leave you with this photo I received some time back in the mail. It looks uncannily like someone I know, but I refuse to think it’s him. Nevertheless, with identity not fully established [and in doubt], this boy’s image still makes for one good subject of raunchy fantasies. Right?

Vote For Martin

A friend wrote in, asking for help in Martin Flores‘s bid at the Mossimo Bikini Summit 2011 competition. Martin is 22 years old. He grew up in Papua New Guinea and lived there for ten years. He speaks fluent Pidgin. He took up BS Biology at the De La Salle University. Martin is a stamp collector. One of his rare collections is a stamp which dates back to year 1915. Please vote for him online. It’ll only take a few minutes of your time. Easy to register (and they don’t ask for confirmation), log-in. Click on any of the photos of the guys, then in the lower left side, a poll will appear. Please vote for MARTIN FLORES here in this site.

Then and Now

Old pics time. Before he joined Mossimo Bikini Summit . Before he did that shaved-pubes shoot. And before he became a fashion stylist and started to be, uh, fashion-forward [and chichi], Carlos Concepcion looked like …….

This. Like a cute school boy fresh out of his neatly pressed uniform whites and slacks. In 2004 he was a contestant in the Mr. and Ms. Bikini International which gathered newbies from all backgrounds [Jude Marco, Guiness, Marko, Jadel, Cherroy, Bembol,and Randolph were all there]. He didn’t win, but it paved the way for his entry into the modeling scene.

En Vivo

The good news is that our favorite Starstruck alum and sexy-hunk-in-the-offing Vivo Ouano won’t be in the sidelines for long. He’s doing projects pretty soon for GMA, as he’s busy preparing in acting workshops and gym sessions most recently. A stint with Bench Body is not too far-fetched either. Finally, he’s taking the showbiz plunge.