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Body of Evidence

What if you didn’t know Borgy Manotoc. You are not aware about his family. You do not know about his politics. Heck, you have no idea that he has a reputation for being, er, vicious. What if you only know him as a lean young man, basking under the sun, in his cotton Bench Body briefs? Like in the image above. Would you lust for him this time?


More like – Hot Man in Philippine-made Underwear. I wish underwear models were like this in the country. Tall, cut and bulging all over. With an insanely large penis the size of a boa! And then again, this image might never see the day in print ads and billboards with the ultraconservative thinking of some. The guy’s British model Donnie Riser, by the way.


The two leading men in the much-anticipated horror-fantasy flick from Regal Films, Aswang, are, uh, half-nekkid again. Sexy underwear models Paulo Avelino [left] and Joem Bascon topbill the movie about a mythical creature in Philippine folklore that’s human by day and a blood-sucking ghoul by night. Aswang is slated for a commercial run starting November 2.

Forever Young

I’m thinking of buying Sam Concepcion‘s new album “Forever Young” if only for the publicity photos that are being released. The 18-year-old singer is getting hotter these days with a better body. Here’s the PR – Teen heartthrob Sam Concepcion announces the release of his latest single “Forever Young.” The Alphaville original is part of Sam’s latest CD release – “Forever Young.” The album also contains tracks lifted from his “Pop Class” DVD.

Mike Up Close

Reader meangurl34 sends in this candid photo of Mike Tan and says – At the Cosmo bash, Mike Tan proved to be swoon-worthy up close. I couldn’t agree more! With a lean bod, killer legs and an impish grin, the boy’s one fine specimen these days.

The Abs! The Abs!

This could be GMA Artist Center’s newest hunk on the block, Jay Gonzaga. He appeared in the Cosmo bash most recently, in his loosey whities, and got relative screaming results from the audience. The 22-year-old theater actor is in the afternoon soap Sinner or Saint in GMA. Although he’s playing bit roles so far, the 5’8″-tall Jay is waiting in the wings for the big break in the network’s shows and soaps.

Lying Down

Paulo Avelino is lying down. Waiting for the good graces of fortune to come by. Just like that. Many are also waiting with bated breath if the young actor will make it bigger this time that he’s in ABS-CBN. Like Jake Cuenca. Or Coco Martin. You know – prime time soaps, top shows and major endorsements. We can only wait and see.

Exotic Hunk

The dark and mysterious guy included in the 69 “beyond-hot” bachelors of Cosmopolitan [Phils] magazine this year is 5’11”-tall hunk Rizwan Bawani. He lists himself as a freelance model from Sydney, Australia. Currently in the country for modeling jobs, Riz has appeared for TVCs and print ads.

Rock Hard

It has been more than a year now since 26-year-old actor Jason Abalos agreed to wear briefs as the main man behind Cotton Club undergarments. The sexy move lead to more tv and movie offers with mature- and adult-themed-roles. On tv the award-winning actor [Gawad Urian, Young Critics Circle] was last seen sweaty and shirtless on a ranch, as one of the lead actors in a late afternoon soap.

Then and Now

Six years ago [left photo], a then-fledgling actor by the name of Mark Herras appeared on stage in his underwear for an, uh, underwear show akin to the fabled Bench Body skin- and fleshfest. Barely legal, Mark wowed the audience and showed great promise. Flash forward to 2011 after a few intervening disasters and wrong turns had happened in his career, Mark [right photo] comes back on stage – shirtless at the Cosmo bash. Still hawt or not?
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