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Racy Robson

Best known as the nearly-nekkid angel in the Nestle Ice Cream Heaven tv commercial, Robson Mendes is one hot Brazilian model in our midst. Robson has done countless tvcs and fashion editorials in the country that he has become a familiar face in the modeling scene.

Officially Missing Neil

Too bad, Neil Etheridge won’t be seeing action for the Philippines in the 26th SEA Games this November in Indonesia. Because of club commitments abroad, the hunky 21-year-old goalie is forced to skip the games. And then again, maybe he could pose one more time for Folded & Hung‘s holiday collection of briefs and undergarments. Pretty please, F&H?

Spicy June

The token bikini boy for today is 6’1″-tall June Macasaet. He’s a regular model in the runways of the Philippine Fashion Week series so expect to see more of him this coming week when the Spring-Summer 2012 collections get underway. Along with the Lara brothers, James Zablan and Jadel Lee, June was also one of the favorites in the entourage of escort boys of a moneyed, muscled and aging queen from the South.

Justin Big Boy

If you like big boys with knockout legs then 26-year-old Justin Coveney might just be the guy for your taste! This Filipino-Australian member of the PRFU Volcanoes [he didn’t don the tight briefs in the controversial Bench Body shoot, too bad] is a lawyer, model and actor in Oz.

Endorser, Too

Well, whad’ya know? Chunky-hunky actor Tom Rodriguez is now an underwear model, too! He joins Geoff Eigenmann and the Younghusband brothers in endorsing Hanford briefs and underthings. The 24-year-old actor – who was discovered in ABS-CBN’s Big Brother – was last seen in the campy movie Temptation Island wearing red briefs and a thick accent.

New Endorser

There’s a new boy in the Bench Body block and his name is Michael Trevino. To fans of the romantic vampire genre, he’s best known as Tyler Lockwood in the series The Vampire Diaries. The 26-year-old American actor will reportedly make an appearance in the Bench show at the Philippine Fashion Week Spring-Summer 20112 [happening next week].


Model most visible lately is 19-year-old Kyle Sparks. Last seen as one of the 69 “beyond-hot” bachelors of Cosmopolitan [Phils] magazine this year, the 6’1″-tall hunk has done quite a number of ad campaigns in the metro. When he’s not busy modeling, Kyle takes up the position of Sprinter in the Track and Field team of the University of the Philippines in Diliman, where he’s enrolled in a Physical Education course.

Scent of a Man

Nothing beats the scent of a sweaty man, the clean sweaty smell. It would have to be some rich, organic and fresh fragrance coming from a man just after some strenuous activity. I’m imagining this would be the case with Chris Everingham, who is in town to play for the Volcanoes. The 26-year-old personal trainer from Australia was recently seen dancing on national TV.


In 2004, a beefy bikini boy by the name of Marvin Miranda first appeared as one of the contestants in the fleshfest called Ginoong Pilipinas. He didn’t win the top prize then.

Four years after, a 24-year-old Marvin transformed into a lean and hairy contestant in Body Shots, a modeling and bikini contest. He was one of the favorites then in a bumper crop that was eventually topped by Jobo Roa.

In 2011, Marvin Miranda, with a new and better bod and some body parts, represented the Philippines in Manhunt International. He landed within the top 15 in the semifinals.

Big Man

Twenty-seven-year-old Eric Tai is a tv host-dancer-MC-model and now a member of the PRFU Volcanoes. The 6’1″-tall hunk sparked interest and searches in the internet after he danced on national tv with Andrew Wolff and Chris Everingham. He lists himself as a native of “Australia via New Zealand but currently based here in the motherland, the Philippines.”
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