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It’s called staying power. How Jon Mullally a.k.a. Jon Avila managed to last in showbiz via regular appearances on tv shows is one for the books. Surely there must be something beyond the pretty boy looks and the hot bod. I’m not exactly thinking rich acting ability or talent.

Het Up

Our daily dose of sleaze, of boys in tiny, gauzy underwear is here – in the person of Genesis Vergara a.k.a. Arjem Solas. He’s a veteran in dem bikini competitions in town. Recently, he was seen as one of the daring contestants in the Asia Pacific Bikini Summit 2011.

Bulging 2.0

Someone sent a better view of the big bulge of Bench Body favorite Mark McMahon at the recent Philippine Fashion Week series. Whether he has naturally big testicles, early stages of lymphatic filariasis, or just plain old face cloth, you be the judge. He’s still cute as a puppy though.

Dashing Derek

Just how tall is “box-office king” Derek Ramsay?

Sure he has the best abs.

Some bulges here and there

And the best chicken legs in town! Yummy!

But many are speculating on his height, which apparently is not on an impressive scale. Well, he sure looks a lot taller on tv and in the movies. But in real life? If he stands beside drop-dead gorgeous hunks Hideo and Benjamin, you’ll get the picture [Aside from the fact, of course, that he looks like a homely cousin of the two].


And pray tell, what ever happened to the career of promising model from the bondoocks, Richard Pangilinan? It seems that he had a lot going last year after winning some bikini contests in town. Many expected him to do projects for A-list designers and commercial brands. But then he didn’t actually make the jump from crud to class. From tacky to tony. To date, he’s still joining small-bar bikini competitions. What gives?

Kris Tingle

The most unlikely Bench Body model came in the form and image of singer Kris Lawrence this season. The 29-year-old singer breaks the mold of the conventional tall and handsome Bench underwear model as he signed up to be one of the endorsers this holiday season. If there’s any consolation in the deal, he’s definitely rockin’ with his bod and that, uh, bulge down there.


In other news, Brazilian male model and occasional tv actor and presenter Fabio Ide left town earlier this month to visit the United States. He was seen in the company of a known modelizer, the famous rich muscle queen. Last summer, he declared that “nobody can ever buy me and I am not for sale,” when asked if he ever gets any indecent proposals from gay guys. He says he’d rather work hard than agree to propositions of the sleazy sort. Right on!


Alexander Vega Hidalgo is a 23-year-old model currently busy doing fashion campaigns in the metro. He has appeared in the Bench Body runway shows and the Philippine Fashion Week series, in addition to the countless editorials for the major magazines in town. The 6’1″-tall Alexander is a former Mister Costa Rica in 2010 who competed in the Mister International contest.

Louie, Louie!

You have to give it to these guys who brave the crowds, the ogling eyes just to don small-sized swimwear, mostly in sheer and diaphanous materials. This is Louie Favila, a veteran bikini open contestant. You see him everywhere these days where there are competitions of the sexy sort – ‘kinis and all. Recently, he finished 3rd runner-up at the Asia Pacific Bikini Summit 2011.

Rockin’ Robin

Cute boy in bikini is Robin Kelly Ocampo. The 24-year-old freelance model used to be a front desk attendant at the ABS-CBN Studios. Best remembered for winning the Hataw Superbodies Bikini Open Year 4 two years ago, Robin was the first runner-up in last night’s grand finals of the Asia Pacific Bikini Summit 2011 [because no. 3 below won the contest].
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