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Definitely 2011 was a good year for Paulo Avelino. His recent move from GMA to ABS-CBN has made him more visible on tv, what with prime projects coming his way. His Bench Body outing, in tight briefs, also upped his sex appeal. The favorite boy is on his way to 2012 stardom!

Among Stars

There must be something about young actor, singer and songwriter Franco Daza why Bench Body is too keen in getting his services as an endorser. It must be the lean hot body. Or maybe he has a large penis. Whatever it is, Bench is definitely buying [and biting into it], as Franco gets featured once more in the Christmas campaign.


No, he’s not Bolivian. Male model Samir Ayeb is half-Dutch, half-Tunisian and he’s done major ad campaigns in the country recently. Among the most notable projects that the 5’11”-tall hunk has done was for SM Department Store and Oxygen Clothing. Now, if only he’s more daring in his photo shoots here like what he did in previous poses abroad.

Xian Rising

One of the young actors to watch out for in 2012 is Xian Lim. After his take on countless supporting roles in his home studio, Xian’s slowly getting the bigger projects as a lead actor. Thanks to his star turn in the ABS-CBN prime time show My Binondo Girl, the 22-year-old cutie is now more popular than ever. I think.

Open Arma

What do Xian Lim, Alex Castro, Mauro Lumba, Albie Casino,Neil Coleta and Richard Bradley Arma [in photo] have in common these days? They’re all part of Chalk Magazine’s 50 hottest guys of 2011. Of course, Chalk – “the no. 1 campus magazine in the country” – had to ask the guys, particularly bikini open veteran Richard Bradley Arma, to keep their clothes on as the “college lifestyle and fashion magazine” has a squeaky clean image to maintain.

Open Arms

Paulo Avelino‘s hasty departure from GMA has definitely opened a lot of windows and doors of opportunities for the station’s once-dormant discovery – Mike Tan. Now, the 24-year-old cutie is getting all the projects left behind by Paulo. He’s now slowly catching [or enjoying] his second wind in his career after years of struggling in the sidelines.


Is Jakey on his way out? It seems like the most-favored ABS-CBN boy and Bench Body model is not getting any good projects lately. His recent movie outing did not fare well in the box office, too. Plus there’s an upstart over at ABS-CBN [and Bench Body!] who is snagging all the shows and gigs. Will Jakey up the ante in 2012 to remain in the game?

Enchong’s Bottom

Enchong Dee‘s bottom is cute and round. Bubble butt, but just the right proportions. The 23-year-old actor and ex-varsity swimmer remains as one of the favorite boys of ABS-CBN in its soaps and shows. He also continues to be one of the lead celeb endorsers for the local clothing line, Bench.


Here’s a bikini boy who made the good leap from constantly joining the thongs-and-things competitions to A-list runway shows. Twenty-one-year-old Ernest de Lumban is fully engaged in modeling these days – thanks to a hot bod and sexy long legs that seem to go on forever. Ernest was first seen as a contestant in Hataw Super Bodies 2009 as a bright-eyed 18-year-old in a tiny ‘kini.


The nippo-brasileiros have come and gone, but the original one is still here. Although he’s less popular these days due to the lack of high-profile projects on tv, Akihiro Sato is still looking hot! The former Survivor Philippines winner is busy surfing in La Union. He recently made an appearance in the current edition of Survivor. Wet and shirtless, of course.
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