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Bikini boy Sunday with a visible penis line is Gino Quintana. You remember him from that streaking video on YouTube before it was taken down – the one where he was running dick-a-dangling to promote his indie flick Santuaryo. Well, he did some frontal scenes for the movie, too. These days, he has reportedly taken on a new manager, a new name and plans to go mainstream. All the way.


Brazilian model-most-ubiquitous Hideo Muraoka is definitely here to stay. The 20-something model from Sao Paulo was a student before he packed his bags and decided to try Asia – Singapore, Thailand, Hong Kong and now, the Philippines – for his modeling career. Now based in Manila, Hideo has practically snagged all the major endorsement deals and runway shows in town. He’s also still swamped with modeling offers for tv and print ads.


Now, this is a real hunk. A hunk of a man. A sexually attractive man with a well-developed physique. Twenty-three-year-old Alexander Vega Hidalgo is one of the more in-demand models in the metro these days. He has practically appeared in all the fashion editorials, runway shows and tv ads of top brands and designers. Alex was formerly Mr. Costa Rica who competed in the Mister International 2010 contest.


Three days ago [12 December 2011], bodybuilder and sometime actor Carlos Agassi celebrated his 32nd birthday. Imagine his surprise when a good friend visited him, as shown in the images above. The first picture above had a caption in Carlos’s social networking site, explaining everything: “the 1st time i was ever surprised =) bro came so early & caught me working out in my boxers of course in my gym =) lol


Here’s someone to look out for in the coming year: 21-year-old Jaco Benin. With his unconventional pretty boy looks and talent [he writes songs and sings them well], Jaco is expected to break into pop consciousness soon as movie and tv projects come along the way. Of course, it helps that he has a nice bod, honed from hours of swimming, basketball and hours in the gym when he’s not working in showbiz.

Yummy Boys

Guys with big boobies! Or pectorals. These guys are hawt! Regular bikini open contestants [and sometimes, winners] Michael Hobart Cervantes [left] and John Jared Alvero heat up our Tuesday sleaze special. Who’s your bet?


Perennial bit player Ahron Villena spreads holiday cheer in his underthings. The Survivor Philippines alum is still busy on tv’s prime time shows and soaps, appearing in small supporting roles. He’s also an underwear model still, doing out-of-town and provincial shows to promote the brand, Walker.

Try Out

One of the guys in the latest Philippine edition of Big Brother with a definite plan to enter show business is 24-year-old Jerico Redrico. He got himself a manager and immediately entered the reality show for that extra exposure. The 5’8″-tall native of Pampanga was also in the list of Cosmopolitan [Phils] magazine’s 2011 hot and new bachelors, under the style and name of Sean David.


Occasional actor and forever underwear model Jon Mullally a.k.a. Jon Avila never fails to deliver every time he’s called on stage in his skivvies. With that cool come hither look, great bod maintained painstakingly by spending hours at the gym and that very prominent divine rod down there, Jon sure can bring the heat up. No wonder he’s still a favorite model of Bench Body these days, despite the fact that his contemporaries have long folded their unmentionables in their underwear drawers.


There’s this image of actor and bodybuilder Carlos Agassi along EDSA northbound near the corner of Taft Avenue, apparently welcoming everyone to the chaos and madness of the busiest thoroughfare of the metro. Too bad he’s not in his full skivvies shot anymore, as the authorities have clamped down on billboards with men in briefs.
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