And so, Sammy does the Hollywood-or-bust schtick just like that. Next month, he’s leaving but he clarifies “not for good.” The good looking 27-year-old actor-singer says he’ll be leaving for a good three months to pursue some tv and movie auditions in the United States. While we wish him the best in whatever he’s doing, we are also led to ask: What could possibly drive him to suddenly drop his fairly successful career here in Manila for a round of cold readings abroad?

Bikini Boy 2011

Before I forget, the results are in. The poll conducted a week ago yielded this: Richard Pangilinan is your choice for bikini boy 2o11. Although it wasn’t exactly a sweet year for this Criminology student from Pampanga, as he lost some contests, missed some modeling jobs, and became less visible from the limelight, Mr. Pangilinan is still the overwhelming choice here for sexiest guy in a freaky teenie ‘kini!

Wet Boy

Twinkie Friday! Eighteen-year-old James Reid – the Big Brother [Teen Edition] winner in 2010 – may not be as popular as the bigger teen actors in ABS-CBN but he’s slowly making a name for himself in show business. The Filipino-Australian cutie, who is a gymnast and a swimmer in the real world, is patiently waiting in the wings, as he takes on supporting bits for the stations shows.

A Very Tall Model

Twenty-year-old Arnold van Opstal was once called the Great Green Hope for the De La Salle University Green Archers. The 6’7″-tall varsity player is now the resident beanpole attraction of the team, with plus points for his good looks. Known more for his height rather than his basketball prowess, the gangly Dutch-German-Filipino hunk is getting visible on the glitzy side of showbiz and modeling these days.

Top Draw

Twenty-four-year-old nipo-brasileiro model Hideo Muraoka is undoubtedly the busiest [and most visible] male model in town. Did you know that this 6’2″-tall hunk never modeled in Brazil? He only started modeling in Singapore and then in Thailand and Hong Kong before moving to the country. The Sao Paulo native was a student before he packed his bags and decided to try Asia for his modeling career.

Cover Boy

Model, comedian and occasional actor Zanjoe Marudo is on the cover of the annual Metro magazine’s The Body issue. He’s a bit coy on the shoot, wearing only white shorts. Nevertheless, this 6’1″-tall tv bumpkin looks sexy, as he reveals in the magazine interview that “he eats like a stevedore” and doesn’t diet much. A little known fact disclosed also: he used to play varsity hoops for San Sebastian College ages ago.


Is Victor Basa staging a comeback this year in showbiz ? He retreated from tv and movie work when he became the escort of a fake heiress – the one whose family was involved in the billion-peso housing scam. Although he has been busy crowding out the society pages of leading dailies and magazines, the 26-year-old ex-model hasn’t done any projects lately for tv and the movies. Will he be back this 2012?