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Hot Model

Hunky Gerard Sison is one of the more in-demand models in the metro these days. At the recent Philippine Fashion Week series, this 6’1″-tall model, who was born and raised in Melbourne, Australia, elicited a lot of silent sighs from the audience.


The fashion forecast for summer is red, lots of red with a hint of skanky. That’s John Jared Alvero, sexy in short shorts in a fashion show. He’s been very visible lately after winning almost all of the bikini contests in town. Jared might be jumping this year into the movies – raunchy, racy movies, pretty soon!

New Man 1.0

Here’s radio jock, model, Mossimo Bikini Summit 2007 runner-up and yoga instructor Al Galang. Suddenly thrust into the spotlight because of Hayden‘s tweets, Al’s forced to come out of retirement [from showbiz] and deny the accusations.

And here’s the controversial letter to Vicki.

New Man

Who is Vicki’s new man?

Last Hurrah

He may not be in our midst anymore as he has chosen to go on to another life [abroad], but Sam Milby manages to make one final appearance for Folded and Hung in its summer campaign. Shirtless and still in his element, Sammy heats up the summer season for the local brand, which is slowly trying to build up barely-legal teens as its new sexy endorsers.


CEBU CITY – In case you were wondering whatever happened to Jeffrey Surio, the veteran bikini contestant of yore, well, he’s very much active in the Queen City of the South. Ads in some streets contain close up shots of the hunky model pointing to the place where he works called Naughty Ka!, “the classiest hosto bar in town.” From his humble beginnings in Metro Bar to Macau’s DD3 Disco to the runways of the Philippine Fashion Week, Jeff has indeed gone a long way.


Are these boys the future of Philippine television [and the movies]? Paulo Avelino [right], after leaving GMA for rival network ABS-CBN has been swamped with work lately. The new favorite of local brand Bench Body is on a prime time show, and his popularity’s rising. On the other side, Rocco Nacino has also his hands full with GMA’s shows and afternoon soaps. He’s slated to do an epic series this year.

Sexy Body 2012

The first major bikini open of 2012 – a precursor to summer – happened a few days ago and a familiar face came out as the winner. Contest veteran Rommel Torres from Cabanatuan emerged as the grand winner in Sta. Lucia’s Mr. Sexy Body 2012, the annual event signaling the advent of summer in the metro. The 21-year-old hottie edged out another vet in the bikini circuit – Jhon Mark Marcia, who settled for first runner-up.

Dangerously Low

One of the more visible foreign models in Manila these days is Gonzalo Mena. You’ve seen in the Fashion Week runways, the Cosmo bash, and in the major campaign of a top designer’s line for men. Gonzalo, who stands 6’1″, is of Taiwanese and Spanish descent

New Boy

Guess who went shirtless for Folded and Hung‘s summer campaign? New it boy Alden Richards! GMA’s latest teen sensation is the local brand’s best bet this summer. No stranger to walking on stage shirtless and in ‘kinis [he won Mr. Sta. Rosa and Mr. Laguna in 2009 as Richard Faulkerson], Alden heats up the season with his hot teasing and posing!
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