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Beach Day

Today, everyone’s going to the beach. It’s Beach Day on Black Saturday! Don’t you just wish Paulo Avelino is wearing Bench Body briefs on the beach, just like what the country boys are doing – oft insisting that the lycra-cotton underwear is swimwear?

Yummy Hunter

Twenty-five-year-old Luciano Zanirato first shot to fame as the “chef” in the Hunt’s Tomato Sauce series of commercials. Except that he’s not really a chef, just some sports buff “online marketing executive.” The cute Filipino-Italian-Chinese has been modeling for the past 16 years.

In The Room

Reader RL sends in these images of two boys in bikinis – actually Mark Revilla [left] and Kenneth Paul Salva – and asks: Are they doing it in public schoolrooms, too? ‘It’ would refer, of course, to bikini competitions. Judging from the pictures, apparently they are holding contests in the schoolrooms! Hopefully, the kids are at home.



Those who follow pro basketball in the country will be familiar with this one. His name is Sean Anthony, a 26-year-old Filipino-Canadian who currently plays for the Powerade Tigers. Prior to joining the team, the 6’4″-tall player was a Physical Education major at McGill University in Montreal.

The Small Ones

Okay, here are the hot little ones, the bikini open contestants who slug it out with the other guys, 5’5″-tall and all. Who’s hotter between Gino Quintana [no. 8] and Charles Rivales [no. 3]? Gino appeared in an indie flick where he dangled his member. Charles, a barista, is relatively new to the bikini scene and has been winning some small-bar contests of late. Who’s your pick?

Really Big Boys

Huge, sporty guys. The one on the left is Nick Perry while the other’s Kenneth Stern. Both are members of the Philippine Rugby Federation Union or The Volcanoes. While their appearances in new Bench Body billboards won’t be happening anytime soon, the guys in the team are busy winning titles for the country [Champions in the 20120 Asian 5 Nations, Silver Trophy in the Borneo 7s Asian 7s].


The things I get in the mail! Well, I’m not complaining though. Usually I put in some sleaze and stuff in the afternoons, so keep ’em coming! If you like them lean and mean with huge members, here’s JM Pascual, a 20-year-old bikini open veteran. He was last seen in the Asia Pacific Bikini Summit 2011 held late last year.


Hey look! It’s perennial teen heartthrob Arron Villaflor finally shedding off baby fat and some clothes! The 21-year-old cutie, who first gained prominence seven years ago as a runner-up in an ABS-CBN reality show, has been busy doing bit [but important] roles in his home studio. He also goes to college in some school called Kester Grant, taking up Business Administration.

Summer Lovin’

The new poster boy of this year’s shirtless-and-speedos season is ABS-CBN it boy and Bench Body favorite Paulo Avelino. He’s practically nekkid when he appears in fashion editorials and ad campaigns. It’s his time, definitely! Happy Monday everyone!

Big Boys Two

Cute boys two, who’s hotter, better? Is it Andrew Wolff [left] of the PRFU Volcanoes? Big burly man, with huge muscles and tight butt. Or the thinner one – Anton del Rosario of the Philippine Azkals? Lean and mean, with awesome chinito features. Who’s your bet?
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