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How would you like to get down and dirty with these boys? Of course, these are your big, chunky-hunky boys of the Philippine Volcanoes. They’re in their Bench Body briefs once again – this time not in giant billboards though. Now, I think they need some real cleaning and scrubbing.

Ripped JC

Although JC de Vera‘s no longer in the A-list after his near-miss at the top in GMA, he’s showing us he still has the goods to be a leading man. Good looks and ripped bod and some acting chops. In case you don’t know, he’s headlining the soap Valiente on prime time TV5.

Now and Then

Underwear model and actor Rafael Rosell looked so fresh and delish when he was just starting out seven years ago, pre-ABS-CBN and –Bench Body [right image]. Now, after his string of success as a favorite model for the local underwear brand, Rafael has taken to surfing and looks like this [left image]. Do you think he’s still looking hot?

Sheer Determination

The bikini contests are still going on despite the threat of rain and flash floods and relatively cool weather. Boys who have the guts to slip on tiny ‘kinis in flimsy fabrics are still at it. In photo is 22-year-old Jay Viernes, a veteran in bikini competitions around town.


Latest pic of former ABS-CBN it boy and Bench Body exhibitionist Jake Cuenca. It has come to this, receding hairline and all. Our favorite underwear model is, uh, evolving. In his latest tweet, Jakey goes: It just came to me…an epiphany…I know what I’m gonna do in the next Bench fashion show…get ready... Now, judging from what he did in the previous shows [butt and all], I’m wondering what he’ll do next.


Well, you asked for it! Here’s a sexier photo of hairy hunky actor and model Victor Aliwalas. Perhaps prepping for the biennial Bench underwear show this July? In any case, he’s hot as ever. The 28-year-old hunk is in the new flick Boy Pick Up: The Movie and the new GMA prime time soap Faithfully.

Fresh Prince

Still one of ABS-CBN’s favorite boys, actor and commercial model Enchong Dee is growing up fast! He’s graduating to mature roles in the never-ending soaps that he’s starring in. The 23-year-old cutie is being groomed to be the next Piolo Pascual.

Rain, Rain

Oh no! The rains are here. No more summer bikini contests outdoors. No more skimpily-clad boys outdoors. I guess they’ll just have to stay inside. In some dank, musky bar reeking of cigarettes and alcohol and male sweat. Just the same, the sleazefest must go on. With or without the bikini, er, the sun.

Paint a Picture

This is the billboard image of sexy actor Tom Rodriguez along EDSA for underwear brand Hanford. Of course, he would have dropped the jeans if it weren’t for that rule along the busy thoroughfare that models-in-bulging-underwear are not allowed. The 24-year-old cutie is hot, still.

New Victor

Hot, hunky and hairy guy for the day is Victor Aliwalas, a 5’10’-tall actor and occasional model. His latest movie appearance is in the upcoming comedy Boy Pick Up: The Movie. Victor is also busy with shows in GMA-7, making him one of the more visible actors in the tv network.
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