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So you see, there were other models who did not get much airtime and exposure in the Bench Universe show. One of them is reality show alum Paul Jake Castillo, who looked cutesy in white boxer briefs. Oh, those lucky trolls in the queer mosh pit! They saw Paul Jake up close!

Enzo’s Time

For Enzo fans, here are photos of the guy during the Bench Universe show last Friday. He prepared hard for it. He’s showing off the body he’s been working at for the past few months. Is he the next resident exhibitionist in Bench Body vice Jake Cuenca, who announced his retirement from the biennial show?

Jakey’s Ugly Butt

Mr. Cuenca‘s tweet on the day of the show: Braise yourself for #benchuniverse its gonna be a wild one I know what I’m gonna do! 🙂 I’m gonna give you guys the last ride…

Well, he forgot the meaning of “braise” and to cover his ass…with makeup or something. It is spotty. Still. Like the last time when he first flashed it and Jaketards were accusing me with bad camera lenses. I was there again last Saturday. And I have these. With less spots, of course. Compare with Bench Blackout.

Magic Mike

Of course, he’s still a hottie. Cute boy Mike Tan has always been a Bench Body show staple and he’s more than willing to wear dem undersized briefs for the flesh fare! My photog, Code Homme [ex-UPH] took these wonderful photos on Day 2 of Bench Universe for you to f#$%*! enjoy.

Aljur Drops His Pants

Ladies and ladies, I give you Aljur. Yesterday he just walked the runway shirtless with scissorhands. Earlier tonight, he dropped the sharp objects and his pants, to the surprise of the crowd. For a few precious seconds. Finally, he’s in his skivvies, albeit conservatively. It’s a good start.


Today, the twinkies! One of the big revelations last night at the Bench Universe show was ABS-CBN bit player Arron Villaflor who came out in his boxer briefs. The young man is now a budding hunkie!

Enchong Go!

Last night at the Bench Universe show, young actor Enchong Dee finally fulfilled his dream of coming down on stage, bound in a harness, in the tradition of dramatic entrances of great concert div.., uh , never mind. He was hot and the audience went wild.


On the occasion of Bench Body‘s biennial underwear extravaganza [tonight and tomorrow], where all the bulges come out to play, I remember, too, the best buttocks that went on display in the past shows. From left, there’s fat-bottomed boy Wendell Ramos, who never fails to expose those plump cheeks every other year. One year, hunky model Andrew Wolff went out in his thongs and the coliseum went wild. And then there’s boyish Brent Javier, who’s quite daring, too, in the early years of the fleshfest of Bench. Lastly, original Bench hunk Jon Hall had to show off his sexy brown buttocks in the show.

More Allen

More of the cute guy who’s making a huge head start in the bikini open circuit. Allen Molina is back, with his favorite pose on stage. Apparently, he has made the rounds of the contests up in the northern provinces. Now, he’s out to conquer the metro’s various competitions in his teenie ‘kinis!

Big Guy

The newest find on the modeling block is Vince Ferraren. The tall, tall and handsome hunk lists himself as a 22-year-old Filipino-Australian model newbie. He stands 6’5″, just enough to tower over his co-models in the runway. He will be seen in the Bench Universe show this week and the Cosmopolitan [Phils] magazine Bachelors Bash next week. In his skivvies.
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