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New In Town

There’s a new Brazilian model in town and he’s hot, hot, hot! Naiguel Haran Villalba is making waves lately for his fashion endorsements in the metro. The 20-year-old hottie is from Campo Grande in the Brazilian state of Matto Grosso do Sul. Before his Manila stint, he did modeling work in Kuala Lumpur and Shanghai.

Hataw Winner

Oops, I forgot to post the results of the annual bikini contest – Hataw Super Bodies 2012 [Year 7] held most recently. As our regulation bikini boy post for today, here’s the winner – Bernald Gutierrez. Yes, he wore that barely-there thing over his crotch, and that probably wowed them to bits during the contest.

The Brothers Ajdani

Our Monday boys would have to be the Ajdanis – up-and-coming model Sam and student Tohid. Of course, you’ve been introduced to Sam, the 6’2″-tall hunk who’s making the rounds of fashion shows and magazine editorials. And then there’s cute younger brother Tohid, 5’11”-tall and one of the 69 bachelors for Cosmopolitan [Phils] magazine this year.


Expect actor Enzo Pineda to show off in the Bench Universe spectacle next week. He’s headlining designer Rajo Laurel’s segment in tight bikini briefs. Solo. Right now, Enzo’s busy preparing for the two-night underwear fanfare. Bring it on!

One More Time

Trivia: Martin‘s full name is Martin Miguel Mangay del Rosario. Tee-hee. Get it? He’s our person of interest these days because he’s been getting good breaks [and a nasty intrigue] lately. Readers can’t get enough of him. In fact I got these screen caps on the mail yesterday, in addition to the countless Martin images sent to my inbox in the past few weeks. The 5’7″-tall actor will be seen shirtless on stage in the Cosmo Bachelors Bash on 18 September 2012.


Say, for example, this is an aquarium [reference: link] for half-Filipino, half-somethings. Who is your best bet and why? Leftmost is Marc Nash, a 23-year-old Filipino-British model and entrepreneur. The one in the middle is Colin Smith, a 19-year-old Filipino-Australian model and student. And then there’s Chris Schneider, a 24-year-old Filipino-American model, aspiring actor and tv host. Choose!


Hunky Alexander Vega Hidalgo is back! He’s in town to do more modeling projects [and show us more skin!]. He has practically appeared in all the fashion editorials, runway shows and tv ads of top brands and designers in the metro. Alex was formerly Mr. Costa Rica who competed in the Mister International 2010 contest.

Manhunt Metro Manila

Look what I got in the mail today! Some cute little boy in funny ‘kinis! Allen Ong Molina won the title Manhunt Philippines – Metro Manila just recently. The Tarlac City native, who has been a veteran bikini open contestant up North, conquered the big city this time. He’s all set to compete in the national finals of Manhunt Philippines.

He’s such an angel.


Cute boy and perennial bit player in teen movies and tv series Arron Vilalflor wants to get noticed. Really fast. He’s shedding his clothes for that extra oomph to his still fledgling career in showbiz. Hot or not?

Squeaky Clean

Now, this could be in the centerfold! Ian Batherson endorsing Sunjoy underwear a few years back. Cute, sexy and clean in white. Heck, he could even do a reprise, a re-telling of the Coco Martin risqué movie Masahista with these images! Don’t you think so?

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