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I find Charlemagne Lopez Umpad cute, for some reason. The 20-year-old Cebu representative at the recently-concluded Manhunt-Philippines search failed to win any of the top prizes, but he surely had one of the best bods [and bulge!] in the competition.  Mr. Umpad is a student of Civil Engineering at the University of Cebu.


Monday model boys! Who’s your bet? Would you like the chunkier and older one – half-Swiss hunk Raphael Kiefer, who’s been in the industry for quite some time now? Or the leaner and younger boy –  half-Scottish cutie Mark McMahon, who’s the newbie getting all the prime projects lately? Both are cute and hot, if you ask me.

June Won

As expected, veteran model June Macasaet snagged the Manhunt – Philippines title at the finals night held the other day.  The 6’1″-tall hunk is a regular at the Philippine Fashion Week series, the Bench Body shows and the Cosmopolitan [Phils] magazine’s annual Bachelor Bash. He used to play varsity hoops for the Centro Escolar University – Scorpions.


Mr. Bulge right here is twenty-something model Enrique Nor. Enrique, who comes from Iran, is a student of Dentistry at the Centro Escolar University. He’s also one of the more visible models in the Philippine Fashion Week series.  He has appeared for the Bench shows and the Cosmopolitan [Phils] magazine’s annual Bachelor Bash. 


Pretty please? One dose of Jason Abalos in tight whities? He’s endorsing Cotton Club underwear that’s why he’s mostly in his skivvies in photos. He’s also one of the more sensitive and believable actors of his generation, who just can’t seem to break into the leading-man mold. That is, he just could not get prime roles the way his contemporaries have snagged solo spots in big shows in ABS-CBN. Maybe he doesn’t do much of the casting couch?

Bikini Often

Our bikini boy for the day is Allen Ong Molina. Of course he looks familiar. He’s in practically all the bikini contests in town, winning them one at a time. This time, he’s competing in the Manila’s Ultimate Hunks 2012 which will have its finals night on 21 October 2012, 8 pm at The Library in Malate, Manila. Tickets at the gate.

Sings, Too

While no one was looking, cute actor Tom Rodriguez briefly appeared at the 2012 Cosmopolitan Bachelor Bash. In regulation basketball shorts, Tom went sexy shirtless on stage again for the magazine’s annual fleshfest.

Next month, the 25-year-old ex-reality show contestant goes to a whole new world when he takes on theater. In Atlantis Production’s Aladdin, Tom’s in the lead “in a timeless tale of a street-smart commoner whose life dramatically changes with one rub of a magic lamp.” Find out about rubbing Tom’s magic lamp when Aladdin stages this November. For details, call Atlantis at 892.7078.


Look what, who came in the mail today! It’s a cute and sexy bikini boy! His name is Jonas Pinca and if he looks familiar, you’ve probably seen him in the indie movies of queer past.  Now, he’s one of the contestants in Manila’s Ultimate Hunks 2012 which will have its finals night on 21 October 2012, 8 pm at The Library in Malate, Manila. Tickets at the gate.


That’s how Paulo Avelino is described these days. Versatile. He can dance. Do that purely evil villain thing on prime time tv. Disrobe, too. Now, he’s singing and how! Paulo’s eponymous CD was recently launched, containing Filipino song covers. CD comes with the sexy pic, by the way.


Sometimes in life we get the really hard choices. Say, for example, one night you’re stuck in a room with John Spainhour and one of the Semerads [it doesn’t matter who, because they’re identical right down to their tats], and you are given a choice to pick one for you-know-what. Who would it be and why? They’re now smiling at you.
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