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Outtakes 2

And even more outtakes from the photo shoot of model-of-the-hour, John Spainhour for Bench Body

Did you know that the Outtake post is the third most-viewed feature this month, next to Butt Monday [no.  1] and Ian Batherson’s candid VPL [no. 2]? Enjoy John in his near-nekkid glory again!


Is the gay indie movie dead? In 2012, only a handful of movies came out of the queer mill. Gone are the days when there were two or three flicks out per week. Now, they come in trickles! The boys, though more daring and so out there, are not getting enough, uh,  exposures because of the dearth of financial investors for movies of the lustful ass-and-penis variety. Maybe it’s because of technology these days where people have all access to world cinema. Maybe there’s no new and interesting boy in the scene, in the mold of Marco Morales, Harry Chua, Arjay Carreon or Kris King [in photo]. Maybe people just got tired of the Filipino gay indie formula [you know what it is].  I am hoping that in 2013, there would be a renaissance of some sort for this kind of films.

Hot Doug

And since it’s Sunday, let’s revisit our hunks of recent bikini past. Up in our list today is Douglas Robinson, who lists himself as a 30-year-old actor and model. Of course, this guy has done almost anything in show business, e.g. boy-band member, cover boy of a gay rag, starred in a queer flick,  and Mossimo Bikini Open runner-up. He’s still looking hot these days.


After the Outtake post, a number of readers are requesting for VPL images of hunk-of-the-hour John Spainhour. I don’t remember having salacious photos of the hot guy, but I just want to share these Bench Universe photos taken by Code Homme on his powerful camera, high up in the bleachers on the second night of the fleshfest. Good enough?

Charles the Great

High up in a portion of Bangkok’s busy skyline is a billboard of this hot model – Charles Ghareh. The Turkish-Filipino hunk is really going places with his hot bod and good looks.  Charles is also one of the more visible models in town, more particularly in the Philippine Fashion Week series and in the annual Cosmopolitan Bachelors Bash [left image].


It’s cutie Ian Batherson in the colors of the season! Except that he’s not wearing any pants, which is good because we get to see his wonderful legs! Did you know that his Whistle post is the second most viewed feature for the month of December, next to Butt Monday?

Mr. Big

What makes Dennis Trillo tick? I mean, he has all these girls, pretty girls throwing themselves at his tiny little feet. Does he really have large genitals? Or is he just one sweet talker? Just the same, methinks his new underwear endorsement will give us some clues and answers in the near future.


Our gratitude and appreciation to reader P.L. for sending us this image of Model All Over, John Spainhour. Pardon the grainy image but this one appears to have been taken at the shoot for a new Bench Body campaign. Here’s hoping we can get an HD copy next time, but for now, this feast on this chunky hunk of a man is more than enough.


Because there’s a hunk-in-briefs for everyone, here’s boxing champ Nonito Donaire! He definitely looks better than some pugilists out there. The 30-year-old prizefighter recently retained his World Boxing Organization [WBO] super-bantamweight crown by knocking out a Mexican challenger in a Houston event. 

Butt Monday

The cute little cheeks belong to Daniel Derramayo, a member of the sing-bump-and-grind act The Hotmen. He’s actually starring in this new movie called The Escort with another cutie who does boldie, Miko Pasamonte. The Escort will be shown in commercial theaters  next year, after getting an X rating from the MTRCB.  
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