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Killer Bod

That’s model most-ubiquitous Mark McMahon. He’s in practically all the major print ads and boards these days. If he looks familiar on tv, you may have seen him with the puppy-dog eyes singing to his girlfriend in the Smart Telecoms TVC [“wag na init ulo baby.. “]. Of course, he’s one of the regular boys at the Bench Body empire.

Jeff, June and JR

These are my favorite models for now. Their bodies are chinful, er, sinful! I think they’re brothers, what with the similarities and their names all start with J and all. Of course, they’re hot. Jeffrey Surio [17] doesn’t need much intro. He’s the sexy guy who always finishes first runner-up in bikini contests.  Plus there’s JR Tirona [19], rich kid and one-time contestant in the Mossimo Bikini Summit. And then there’s Manhunt International 2012 June Macasaet [18]. Nuff said.

Eye Candy

Sexy men wearing glasses. Hunky models John Spainhour [left] and Marx Topacio are rockin’ the look. Of course, in their teenie tiny pairs of briefs.  Do you think men in glasses look more attractive, intelligent, and sexy? Happy Friday everyone!


While we’re on the topic of models and tall guys and bulges, here’s one of our new favourites, very tall mod Vince Ferraren with his tiny lump. One can’t have it all! But then again, hunky long legs Ferraren is still one hot papi, if you ask me.

The Bull

How I wish the underwear models in town would something like this – totally unrestrained by the strict self-imposed moral codes of the advertising industry.  This is 6′-tall Mexican model Hamed del Toro who was once a model for SM Department Store’s Boys Teens Wear. The 22-year-old hunk is a professional model around the major fashion capitals in the world. 

Wet One

Candid Enzo. Wet, sweaty and loving it. Now, this would make an interesting Bench Body concept. Except, of course, he must be in those sexy tight and gauzy briefs of the local underwear company. Enzo’s been showing a lot of work lately in his bod. 

Bulge Boy

This should be the compulsory Phys. Ed. uniform in schools. Varsity jacket and short shorts to cut on costs. Never mind how the college jocks fit in the costume. Miguel Lasala, an up-and-coming model in the metro and a native of Iligan City, shows us how. Hot!


They’re on the spotlight again. These hunky Azkals playing for the gold in the AFF Suzuki Cup. Here are some of the sexy men in the group: [l-r] 24-year-old half-German Patrick Reichelt who’s the Right Winger in the team; 23-year-old half-Spanish Carlos Alberto Martinez de Murga Olivar who plays Right Back in the group; 29-year-old half-German Dennis Santos Wolf as the Striker; and, 21-year-old half-Italian Marwin Angeles Janver who is the Mid-Fielder. Happy Monday everyone!

Dear Markki

I bought your album yesterday because, well, I was attracted to the tight pair of brown pants you were wearing. You know how to tease, really. Oh, that’s such a sight. You with vintage pieces of luggage on a lonely back road. And that thing, whatever it is you stuffed in dem tighty trousers! 

Oh well, I wish you will do this often. Being sexy and all. Like what you did at the recent Cosmo bash where you were all sweaty and pumped and primed. Thank you.

Bench Universe Tonight

Now that I have your attention, here’s the PR for Bench:

Starworld is premiering the Bench Universe 2012 Denim and Underwear Fashion Show tonight at 9, making it the first entertainment production in the Philippines to be broadcasted on pay TV throughout Southeast Asia.  Bench’s fashion show is held every two years, but this year’s Bench Universe was the biggest, most extravagant event to date, spanning a two-day event on Sept. 13 and 14 at the SM Mall of Asia Arena.

Bench Universe is the largest denim and underwear fashion show in the Philippines, featuring collections from Bench, which has consistently drawn endorsements from the brightest local celebrities as well as global stars such as Maroon 5’s Adam Levine and Korean superstar Lee Min Ho. The show celebrated the brand’s 25th anniversary and featured a strong line-up of celebrities.
Starworld viewers will be treated to behind-the-scenes footage of the fantastical production, giving them backstage access to get close to the models of Bench Universe in their most unguarded moments.
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