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Marky ❤

Oh, you’ll love this, too! Singer and tv actor Mark Bautista finally shows off his sexy bod [and bulge] after quite some time. It has been more than four years now when he strutted his stuff, shirtless in red jeans and fake blood, on the runways for the Cosmopolitan Bachelors Bash . And look at him now – one fine specimen for all the girls and girls to see!


Another sexy camera phone pic in the mirror. This time, Jakey‘s putting his actual face in the image, totally different from the picture last time when we were kept guessing if that was really him  [he denied it]. Do you find him hotter clean-shaven?

Also Jiro

Of course, the other chinito cutie [aside from Brent] is Jiro Shirakawa. You’ve seen him countless times in his tight underwear for Mossimo, Natasha, MSE, and Bench Body. But this is too good to withhold from you guys – Jiro so fair-o, in VPLesque pair of briefs! 


Do you like Brent Javier‘s new look? More mature, a bit older and somewhat scruffier? Or do you prefer his boy-next-door image? The 5’11”-tall model and occasional actor is still an endorser of the underwear line of a direct-selling brand. He’s also a web host these days.


Okay, one more image of Enzo Pineda in tight skivvies. Of course, he has big balls! Or maybe an extra one. It doesn’t matter, really. What’s important is that he’s cocky enough to wear skimpy undergarments in public sans qualms and scruples. Happy weekend everyone!


Just who is Sebastian Castro, really? I may not understand much what he’s saying [or singing about] in the video, but he sure is hawwwt in dem pair of tighty whities dancing in the locker room with the bikini open veterans. There is really a fine, fine line in the horny mind. Watch!

V Boy

Let’s do wholesome. And red. Of course, you know this tall handsome hunk. Vince Ferraren is one of the most in-demand models in town. He is now a favourite over at local clothing brand Bench Body. His images are all over the summer campaign! Such a delight, indeed.


More of cutie Maichel Fideles. The former Big Brother – Teen Edition contestant is now a man, and his first project in adult showbiz is well, an adult movie. Gay adult movie called Himas. Watch out for the commercial release of the movie in selected theaters nationwide.  In the meantime, there’s a private screening [see details below], which means you’ll see the director’s cut, privates and all. Happy Hump Day everyone!


Himas means the “gentle rubbing of the skin by the palm of the hand.” Such suggestive word is the title of Maichel Fideles‘s new indie movie. And this one came in the mail today: Private screenings of the indie film Himas will be held on February 16 and 17 [Saturday and Sunday] somewhere in Quezon City.  Himas features Maichel Fideles, Jordan Jose, Dax Alvarez, Chiokla and Adriana Gomez.  For ticket reservations, please call or text 0917 384.4555.

Cute Model

That’s cute model Lancer Serrano doing the innocent-boy-in-a-sexy-pose. The 5’10”-tall Lancer, who’s a Nursing graduate, is one of the more in-demand male catwalkers in the Philippine modeling scene. He has appeared in the Cosmopolitan [Phils] Bachelor Bash and the Bench Universe show.
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