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Future Perfect

Good news to Markki Strøm fans:  The Filipino-Norwegian singer and theater actor will soon star in a movie tentatively titled Amor y Muerte for the Directors Showcase in the 2013 Cinemalaya Philippine Indiependent Film Festival.  Markki reportedly agreed to take on the lead with the frontal nudity requirement.  Jake Cuenca was supposed to be the first choice but he backed out due to conflicts in his schedule.  Now, we’ll soon find out what’s in that basket!


GMA actor Enzo Pineda was probably thinking: early 2011 Paulo Avelino did this, this Bench Body underwear thing and look what happened to his career! It definitely did wonders for his showbiz stature, never mind the acorn jokes. If Paulo can do it, so can I. 


The gay indie flicks might be dead but they sure had a good run. Of course, we are left with lasting images of nekkid Marcos and Kristofers [in photo] and Arjays and all the other daring boys of yore. It was a good time, actually.

Czech Mate

There’s a new model in town and he’s all over the fashion campaign trail! Czech hottie Pavel Michalec is breaking the Brazilian barrier in the fly-in models section. Although the 6’3″-tall hunk has only been here for a short period of time, he has already appeared in major fashion shows and magazine editorials. 


One of the more visible male mods for SM Department Store these days is Brazilian Zaydan Timpani, who has done the runways and prints ads of the men’s line. No, he has not done the underwear department yet. That would be the day, though, when a nearly-nekkid, blob-bulging image of the hunky model adorns all the SM stores around the country.


Do you like men with hairy stomachs with love trails and untrimmed hedges? Like Robin Padilla, all male? You have to. Or else, I will put up images of a bikini-clad, penis-endowed brother of Robin. The pre-op one.


This model used to have a past. Like soft porn, Cris Pablo past. Clynt Rhyne Ford was formerly known as Clint Ricafort and he starred in a couple of gay indie movies of yore, like Campus Heartthrob where he had a jerkin-the-gerkin scene. He’s now a mainstream runway and commercial model and he has conveniently forgot about that episode in his life.  


Turkish-Filipino model Charles Ghareh doesn’t believe in padding his underwear on stage in fashion shows. Which is good because we get to see if he’s up to form.  The 23-year-old hunk is a favorite model of top designers and brands, as seen in his fully-booked schedule in the Philippine Fashion Week series.


So Jon Mullally‘s back! After a one-year hiatus, the 6’1″-tall model and occasional actor re-appeared on tv last Sunday in his skivvies. Of course, that noon time flashing – all that dancing, er, gyrating with the noticeable bulge down there, made him so desirable once again  a la Bench Body days of yore.  The tv guesting was a reunion of sorts for their bump-and-grinder group Coverboys

Endless Summer Nights

Would you like to spend endless summer nights with popstar-researching-oblivion Sam Milby? Like sinfully sweaty evenings with the 30-year-old actor-singer? Folded and Hung has just released his images for the clothing company’s summer campaign and Sam’s sexy sticky, drenched dripping in his new ad for F&H!
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