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Mr. Big

Mr. Big is back! This time, he’s showing off his nice, furry legs. There’s no stopping Mark McMahon as he takes on almost all modelling projects in town. Of course, the shirtless and underwear shoots are most appreciated. Happy weekend everyone!


It’s the onset of summer already. The weather’s pretty hot, oppressively hot in the city. I’m dreaming of the beach and boys in tight swim trunks. Although the summer heat’s intensifying as temperatures soar in the metro to record levels, model-of-the-moment Junemac is keeping his cool under the oppressive sun, thanks to tiny speedos.

New Look

How do you like the new look of male model Jiro Shirakawa? Well, new ‘do, actually. Makes him all boyish and more, despite the fact that he’s ghetto-married with kids already.  Jiro’s been active in the modeling front after bowing out of showbiz more than a couple of years ago.  


You’ve seen him up close, VPL, chest, legs and all. Now, how about some serving of top model Vince Ferraren‘s buttocks? Are they taut and tight?  Firm and flexed? From the images above, at least, you can imagine how those round mounds of flesh go.


That’s Johnron Tanada for you, quintessential hot guy in showbiz indieland. He’s sporting a new look and he’s hotter than ever, of course. JT’s coming out with a movie with ex-exhibitionist Marco Morales so expect the sexy promo pics soon. Happy Hump Day!


Der Lex: When is your movie The Escort coming out commercially, in theaters? And who is this boy Jommel Idulan in your pink flick, who’s been showing a lot of skin lately? ‘Heard he came from gay bar Xanadu where Gio Gapas also danced in his underwear. Jommel looks promising, if you ask me.


Our regulation bikini boy for today is The Constant Contestant, Allen Molina. He’s upping the ante in bikini competitions by losing some more fabric in dem ‘kinis and carelessly exposing his plump and flawless derriere.  Of course, we’re not complaining. Others might follow suit. 

Marsh Model

Bursting at the seams is male model Daniel C. Marsh.  The Filipino-Irish cutie is also the host and producer at Island Media Asia, an organization that comes out with weekly videos mainly released on YouTube “showcasing the Pinoy culture through the eyes of half-Filipinos living in the Philippines.” Check out his vid with another cute model on how to shower in public. Hawt!

Boyish at Thirtyish

And Sunday we get hot actor and underwear model Jason Abalos, who is getting better and sexier every day. His new set of photos for Cotton Club underwear reveals a hotter and leaner Jason. When he’s not doing indie flicks, Jason plays leading man in the afternoon soaps of his network.

Hot Guy Who Cooks

Nice bod, eh? This Paolo Gonzalez is such a hottie. Will he go the route of Sebastian Castro, too?
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