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Summer in June

And so we post what could be Manhunt International 2012 June Macasaet’s most revealing photo yet. Is that for real? What do you think?


Is Christian Bautista gearing up for some project a la Full Monty, too? Why is he half-naked these days? Maybe he’s taking the sexy path again, just like his good friend Mark Bautista.  Just asking. Do you like him sexy and shirtless?

Hump Day Man

It’s the middle of the week. Time for some hot, hot hunk with pits exposed! The main dish in our Hump Day special is John Spainhour, part of that troika of male models who are very popular these days [the other two being Vince and Sam].  Now, if only they could gather all three, bikini-clad, for some steamy photoshoot. That would be one fine day.  

And Carlito, Too

Cutie-hunky Carlito Gonzales is underwear modeling on the runway, too. Twenty-year-old Carl is 6’1″-tall and one of the busiest models in town. A varsity player for the STI Olympians team, he won Mr. STI College more than four years ago.

JC Does Summer

I wonder what JC Tiuseco‘s been up to these days? Perhaps an afternoon soap or some bit parts in a teen show? It seems his pop-meter’s not rising, despite some serious projects given to him by his home station. Maybe, as some are wont to suggest here most often,  he should go the really sexy and daring indie route. Didn’t his older brother star in a gay indie flick a few years back?


You asked for Randy Cailles. I give you Randy Cailles, cute and hot and VPL-ing in his recent fashion show.  The Filipino-Chinese looker, a former baller from St. Jude Catholic School, competed in the male division of Supermodel Philippines and came up with a decent runner-up finish.  Randy has a Legal Management degree from the Ateneo.

Red and Black

Red or black, who’s your fancy. Mr. Red is John Daryl Rose, who has been in the industry for so long. He has since adjusted to a better bod, after that f-a-t episode in Cosmo Bash a few years ago.  Of course, he looks hotter now.  Mr. Black is Charlie Sutcliffe, who is  relatively new to modeling. He has since appeared in prime spots on the runways and in tv ads.  Who’s your choice?


How would you like to be licked by chubuff actor Wendell Ramos from the feet up?  I’m not exactly sure where these images are from, but he looks mighty delish half-nekkid.  The ex-Bench Body resident mooner has experienced a career slump lately, with reduced appearances on tv and the movies. 


While no one was looking, veteran bikini open contestant Ram Ace Bautista slipped into his thin-fabric Bench Body underwear and entered the Subic Bodies 2013 finals. Although he’s still hot and all with the killer bod, younger contestant [and multi-hyphenate bikini competitions winner] Allen Ong Molina romped off with the top prize. 
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