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Oh, Johnny!

I’m not really sure about the fashion thing, but top model John Spainhour is hot, hot, hot even if he’s wearing a sack. Well, a loincloth. A tiny, gauzy loincloth would do.  I wonder what he’s up to these days?

Hideo’s Profile

And we also miss this nipo-brasileiro hunk doing that briefs-and-bikini bit [a la Folded and Hung a while back]. So far we only get to see Hideo‘s bod and pits and low-rise jeans these days. Sometimes, I wish he would stop the teasing, too, and start titillating us with his legendary bulge again. I wish.


Does Xian Lim have a nice body?  That’s his latest promo pic for his new endorsement, Avon.


With a name like Veridiano Tesch, how can this hunky 21-year-old Brazilian model go wrong in the world of modelling? In town for some projects, this 6’2″-tall cutie has gone around the world – Paris, Milan, Beijing, Hong Kong,  before settling in the Philippines for a while to continue his work.


Reality show veteran, commercial model and occasional actor Ian Batherson does a selfie and lets everyone know he’s a Top Man. Uh, Topman underwear fan.  Ian’s preparing for showbiz projects in the near future. He’s now part of talent agency Backroom’s NYOBG or Backroom 9, consisting of nine new and aspiring actors and models in showbiz.  Shall we say, good luck to Ian then?


Maybe I’m just seeing things. Maybe I’m imagining – Brazilian model Luciano Stranghetti, who comes to Manila once in a while for his underwear shoots for Avon, is huge and fat down there, one can practically gag and gasp if it were shoved down someone’s … ah, never mind. It’s just the heat, maybe. 

Oh Dani Boy!

It has been a while since we last saw Daniel Matsunaga in his sexiest photo shoot. Yes, that was then when he was just, uh, learning how to shave in a foreign land. Now that he’s busy in Philippine showbiz, I guess we won’t be seeing him nekkid anytime soon. In the meantime, we’ll just have to make do with his pits and hot bod. Hot, anyways!


Reader acethonz sent in this one. It’s called Jhong Hilario Penis Scandal Instagram. Sounds good to me.


That’s “Who Wore It Better?” or maybe “Who Whored It Better?” Depends, really. Did low-hanger Enzo Pineda nail the Bench Body underwear ? Or maybe international model Paolo Roldan just did a lot better in similar fashion? The pair of briefs is really VPL-ready, with soft and thin nylon-lycra fabric. Who’s hotter, now?

Naked As He Came

Ex-teenybopper Maichel Fideles is really getting packaged these days as a sexy actor. His photo shoots and movies border on racy and risqué. Of course, we’re not complaining with all the butt and bulge images.  How about more revealing photos next time, Mr. Fideles?
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