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Up and Coming

I’m betting on new model Jeremy Blake Woodward as the new It boy of the runways and TV commercials this year. The Filipino-British cutie is making the rounds of all major fashion shows lately. Last seen as one of the notable models in the Bench Universe show, Jeremy Blake is making leaps and bounds in the local modeling scene. And, shhh, he’s also a basketball player for the University of the East – Red Warriors.

Dear Rodjun

Stop teasing and drop dem pants! Now! 


Who wore it better? Aging bikini open contestant Ram Ace Bautista [left] or  resident Bench Body exhibitionist Jake Cuenca? Same type of underwear, different levels of sleaze.


That’s male mod Gerard Sison from Melbourne, Australia. He’s been very visible lately in TV5 as one of the contract stars of the upstart station.  Do you think the 6’1″-tall hunk has a chance at stardom, now that he’s taken the giant leap from the runways to showbiz?


Why is everyone suddenly asking for photos of newbie-new babe Jan Stephen Noval? Well, he’s cute but why the immediate interest in this boy?  All I know is that he’s a prized member in the bump-and-grinder GForce group. Do you want to see him sweaty?

Paolo VPL

You’ve seen his ads all over the metro for Bench Body. “Paolo who?” you might ask. Paolo Roldan, the international model who flashed his privates in a magazine ad! Now he’s posing for Bench Body underwear. 


Variety is the spice of stuff, or something. Sometimes you get A-list actors and models who do the occasional shirtless photos. Sometimes the daring ones make a scene. And so, spring cleaning the files and all, here’s Froilan Moreno from way back. He was last seen as one of the actors in the Marco Morales frontal nudity flick, Butas.  

Fab Abs

Seriously JC?! It’s like you’re photoshopped!

Do you like guys with serious abs like JC Tiuseco? Like the ones you see in fitness magazines, to the point of being cartoonish. Or, maybe you like the ordinary stomach with a bit of definition, just flat enough for the taking. What do you think?

More Tang

How about a shoot for Bench Body with his equally-hot brother, Benjamin? David Tang sure is looking delish these days.  The German-Vietnamese brothers would have to do the photo shoot with the theme: Battle of the Bulge. Tee-hee.


This would have to be my ultimate summer photo for now. Top actor Piolo Pascual basking under the sun, with clear blue waters around him.  Come to think of it, we haven’t had some posts of Piolo in a while. Hottie, right? Girls be nice.

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