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Amateur Sunday

So, if I say, I might be posting his racier photos soon, you’ll be interested in this bikini guy’s nakedness, too? Anton Gomez has been modelling for a while. You’ve probably seen him in small-bar bikini contests. 

Out Now

Pit lovers, rejoice! Actor JC de Vera is giving some pit lovin’ in the new issue of Garage magazine.

Of course, he also goes shirtless in his swim shorts inside the magazine’s photo shoot. The young actor’s on a new PR romp as he re-launches his leading-man career,  unceremoniously nipped in the bud four years ago. 


The thing is, we may never know what goes on between these two, whether as acquaintances, good friends or something else like “the love that dare not speak its name.” One thing is certain, though. They both look good together. 

Note: I’m off to a city where there are a lot of blocked websites, including the platform for this site. The posts have been queued for the next 4 days but I may not be able to moderate and publish your comments. In the meantime, send in your catty remarks just the same and I’ll post them when I get back.

David’s Thang

The brother also rises. Or hardens. Former SM Department Store Teens Wear model David Tang poses with his new hot bod in skimpy underwear. He’s following the footsteps of his brother Benjamin, perhaps, in the things-and-thongs category. Of course, he looks promising.


What is the difference between, say, a model-guy from a good school and nice background but with a checkered past a.k.a. photo or video of him wanking the monkey and some out-of-the-bikini-contests guy with the same choking-the-chicken schtick? Like this guy, Kenneth Paul Salva. If I say there is a photo of him masturbating, would there be any takers? Would anyone be interested, too, as much as the model boys?

Block Solo

One word [or is it two?]: Volleyball. Cute boy Mark Lee plays volleyball. A lot. So he knows back row attack, dig and dink, and I’m not doing the double entendre here. The 23-year-old, who lists himself as a businessman now, used to play for the DLSU Men’s Volleyball Team.  He was featured in the 2011 Cosmopolitan [Phils] magazine hot and new bachelors list.

JC Superstar!

Don’t count out JC de Vera just yet. He’s coming back with bigger projects [and, if rumors are true, hopping to a better home network]. In the meantime, he’s headlining the April issue of Garage magazine.  That is the cover you’re looking at. The mag contains images of a hotter and sexier JC “like you’ve never seen him before.”  Garage will be out in news and magazine stands in a week’s time. 

Warm Bodies, Too

How about a break from the PaoKen and ZuTin talk?

Did you know that the Warm Bodies post was the most viewed post this month? Here’s a new set of boys from the Old Pictures File, stacked more than six years ago, when the gay mags were having their heydays. These are the Valentino magazine boys of yore. Find anyone interesting?

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