Buoyed by the success of My Husband’s Lover on prime time tv, GMA is set to develop another storyline based on samesies [same sex relationships]. The warm acceptance of the happy-homosexual-relationship plot has energized the station’s creative team to push for another night time soap of the  genre. They are reportedly considering young actors Enzo Pineda [left] and Benjamin Alves to portray the lovers. Okay. I made that up.

Mr. International

It’s a bumper crop of cute boys in this year’s Mr. International-Philippines search! Unlike in some contests, this batch is a heady mix of new and fresh faces with well-toned bods to boot! I’m eyeing these guys on finals night – [left-right] Billy Villeta, Ardee Concepcion, Jeffrey Sanchez, Jeff Yamanouchi and John Emmanuel Castillo. Finals show is on 21 June 2013 at the Fil-Oil Arena in San Juan City.