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If your name’s Natale how could you go wrong in the world? Meet Natale Arabit, front runner in the Body Shots Model Search 2013. Nineteen-year-old Nate is a Marketing student at the Letran College where he is also the Mr. Letran titleholder. Standing at 6’3″, Nate is a varsity basketball player and a newbie runway model, too.


Buoyed by the success of My Husband’s Lover on prime time tv, GMA is set to develop another storyline based on samesies [same sex relationships]. The warm acceptance of the happy-homosexual-relationship plot has energized the station’s creative team to push for another night time soap of the  genre. They are reportedly considering young actors Enzo Pineda [left] and Benjamin Alves to portray the lovers. Okay. I made that up.

Sweet as Choco

Do you like dark and meaty men like Joem Bascon? He may have lost that Folded & Hung physique but he is still a hottie to me.  

Victor Looking Good

Newbie actor Jome Silayan n.k.a. Victor Silayan used to look like this when he was just starting out in show business three years ago.

I’m not really sure where the change took place but he is looking pretty good these days. He’s also one of the lead actors in the new TV5 drama-in-a-resort series Misibis [here shown with Vin Abrenica]


Speaking of nipples, remember the big-areolaed guy we featured some time back? Yes, that winner of the Sta. Lucia Sexy Body 2013 contest. Well, he’s back in his Speedos. True to form, Art Natividad is showing us his fine bod. And large mipples.

Carlos With The Perky Nips

Not to be outdone, Carlos Agassi is also coming out with his own series of ads for his long-time endorsement, Guitar underwear. While we see Mr. Agassi countless times in shirtless mode in his social networking sites, we rarely get a glimpse of him in small underwear showcasing hi, uh, goods. This time he goes extra daring in a pair of comfy Guitar briefs. 

♡ Forever

It is this: Mike Tan may have advanced a bit in years but he is still as hot as the first time he appeared in his tighty whities in that magazine-calendar a few years back. This time, he’s sturdy and stiff in his Guitar underwear as he works his endorsement for the undergarments brand. Mike joins Carlos Agassi, Joem Bascon and DJ Durano in the list of endorsers of Guitar.

Elmo’s World

Do you want Elmo Magalona to grow up and build muscles and remove his shirt [and maybe, his pants down to his skivvies]? Or do you want him to remain a muppet, er, cute teenager forever? Just asking.

Mr. International

It’s a bumper crop of cute boys in this year’s Mr. International-Philippines search! Unlike in some contests, this batch is a heady mix of new and fresh faces with well-toned bods to boot! I’m eyeing these guys on finals night – [left-right] Billy Villeta, Ardee Concepcion, Jeffrey Sanchez, Jeff Yamanouchi and John Emmanuel Castillo. Finals show is on 21 June 2013 at the Fil-Oil Arena in San Juan City. 

Fan Art

This is an interesting fan art I received from someone calling himself [themselves] the Enchian Lovers International. I am sharing with you, of course, as it’s too good not to. Let’s see, that’s Enchong Dee on the left and the bouncy one’s our favorite Bubble boy, Sebastian Castro. Is this a pairing in the offing?
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