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Killer Abs

You’ve seen him in countless billboards and ads for SM Department Store before. Fully clothed, of course. Now, get to examine closely Spanish-Moroccan model Abdel “Abs” Abdelkader, as he flaunts his wares – eight-pack abs, killer legs and the plat de resistance VPL! All in grandpa’s underpants. Hawt!


Is singer Christian Bautista a hottie or a nottie in this photo? 
Would you like to see him pose in Bench Body underwear pretty soon?


One last hurrah for summer! Models Rommel Bungay [right] and Maverick Kelvin Mangilit ham it up for the camera under the hot, hot sun. Of course, no one wears those pieces in the real world, but we’re not complaining when the crazed designers let the models use them.

Vin Chiseled

How about Vin Abrenica? No, you’re not feeling him that much? Fab abs and all?


This is how you do underwear. With lots of chutzpah and bulge, bulge, bulge! I think this is Harry Morris of the Philippine Volcanoes, that group of large men who do rough rugby. This was in the recent Bench Body show where the men tried to outdo each other with their, uh, assets.


I don’t know with you, but I’m particularly digging Bartolome Mott n.k.a. Tom Rodriguez these days. These prime time week days, to be exact, as his GMA series My Husband’s Lover gets shown. He’s cute with a chunky bod. Plus he always has this pained little-boy look when he acts opposite Dennis Trillo in the first gay-themed  series [gayserye, bekiserye]  on prime time TV. Like!


In other news, Bench Body came out with a statement to appease the buying public  —  It has come to the attention of the company that you whinos have been accusing Bench Body of resorting to Adobe Photoshop to manipulate the bulges of the Semerads from massive to miniscule in the recent back-to-school campaign. We are now sending you a candid runway photo of David [or Anthony, it doesn’t matter they are identical, they have identical dicks, too] to prove that Bench Body is committed to truth in advertising. We hope that this will settle the issue once and for all.


It looks like our favorite and dearly belusted boy Marco Morales is in trouble. On Tuesday, he wrote this in his social networking site:
By Wednesday night, news of his motel caper went up the tv stations.  Video and story here.

Brazilian In Our Midst

There is another sexy Brazilian model in town, quietly strutting his stuff in the runways and posing for fashion editorials in magazines. His name’s Luciano Ahrenfeld and he stands 6′-tall. Luciano was last seen at the recent Bench Body show in the Philippine Fashion Week series.

Janvier à Juin

Look who’s back! Indie actor Janvier Daily is making a comeback in show business after a brief [some pun intended] hiatus. The star of provocative flicks Bayaw and Roxxxane, Janvier is poised to do more movies of the sexy genre plus appearances in prime time soaps on tv. He was last seen in the ABS-CBN shows Princess and I, Aryana and My Binondo Girl.
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