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Power Forward

Meanwhile, on Varsity Baller Posts Week, continue discussion [and comments] here. This one’s another cutie. Ex-UAAP baller for the DLSU Green archers Martin Reyes is on the spotlight. The 6’3″-tall cutie, who is only 22 years old,  played for the DLSU team before transferring to another college. 

Mr. Porter Says Hi

Oh, there’s renewed interest in dem collegiate basketball players! One of the cutest league ballers is 18-year-old Kris Porter of the Ateneo Blue Eagles. He’s not playing now with the team due to a knee injury, but he suited up for the past couple of seasons of UAAP. The 6’2″ Cebuano cutie also graced the cover of a few teeny-bopper magazines for his fresh boyish look. Who’s your favorite UAAP player?

Do Prado

Brazilian model Rafael do Prado has been in the country for quite some time now. Named by a local magazine as one of the hottest male models in town, the 6’3″-tall hunk is best known as an SM Department Store in-house model. He’s seen shirtless in SM’s latest denim campaign with fellow Brazilians Hideo and Daniel.


For Not-So Vintage Sunday, we’re having an epic hunk of showbiz past. In all the six years of this blog, no image or photo of Filipino-American Troy Montero was ever posted. Such a shame because this hunk goes up there in the drool-worthy guys list. In the recent past, he was an underwear model [I think Dickies, and you can still see a smattering of his tighty-whities photos in the Web]. Troy, who’s probably around 36 years old now, is still in the country, happily married and running an advertising business.

Miscellany Saturday

Today I am posting your contributions – photos of half-nekkid boys that went through the mail. Some are too good not to share. Young and not-so young actors and celebs. They are all here!

Albie got older and sexier.

Bugz Daigo married a transexual. Read the news.
Carl is still a bit player in GMA.

Dennis is a big star now in GMA, thanks to that gay soap.

Derrick just turned 18. He could be a big star in GMA.

On the other side, Enrique is such a tease whenever he bumps and grinds.

Hideo is horny.
Ian has a flat butt.

And I didn’t know Johnron and Marco have a movie together.

Jobless Jon is still a hottie. Put him in the indies fast!

Matteo has a big bod and big arms and yummy pits!
Cute boy Vivo got gaunt. Post prison.

Has-been Wendell is not so fat after all.

And the king of selfies is Ahron.
At the gym.

In the love shack.
At the gym again. See!

Naked As He Came

Our favorite indie boy Miko Pasamonte will hit [heat] the indie movie screens this August as his much-anticipated movie The Escort finally gets a schedule. The Escort is about a pragmatic sex worker [read: practical prostitute, wily whore] who learns what it is to fall in love. From a story of Hawaii-based writer Lance Collins and the direction of Monti Parungao [Sagwan, Bayaw], watch out for The Escort this August!   

The Bulge

Suddenly, Markki is nekkid all over the place. In magazine shoots, concerts and the movies. He’s always stripping down. Which is a good thing because this mestizo guy’s cute and sexy and everyone’s interested in his, uh, swollen appendage down there. 

Sky No Limit

Mr. Chinatown tall guy Skye Yang is making giant leaps in the modeling world. The 19-year-old student of Hotel and Restaurant Administration at the Enderun Colleges is practically cast in big modeling projects in town. The 6’3″-tall cutie started modeling only last year. 

Hump Day Boy

Speaking of daring young’uns, this one’s a prime example. Here’s a preview of bikini open veteran John Canterbury in a daring shoot. John started early joining countless bikini competitions. He has also appeared as a shirtless, denim-shorts-clad lead in an indie flick called Hardiner [The Gardener]. More photos soon.

Spanking The Jakey

What is new with Jake Cuenca? Let’s see. He practically wore all the new underwear styles of Bench Body. He’s done butt shots in public. He made love to a guy on screen in the most cinematic rump-thumping gay sex scene ever on Philippine cinema. And now, he’s smacking the monkey in the Cinemalaya movie Nuwebe! Too bad he didn’t  turn around for the all out show. And then again, that particular scene [see screen caps] is hot enough. Maybe the full frontal next?
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