Grainy Pics

Grainy pics. Old pics Sunday. At the biennial Bench underwear show in 2006 dubbed as Bench Fever, the models came out hot and ready for the fleshfest. 

 A then-unknown model by the name of Jon Mullally appeared on stage in tiny jocks. 
He went on to become a Bench underwear model favorite.

 Bit player Marco Alcaraz also showed his fine moreno form.

 Veteran model Luke Jickain could hardly contain his excitement and hard-on.

 Model Robby Mananquil was game, pre-rhinolasty.

Promising model Iago Raterta made his last appearance before becoming an illegal alien in the US.

And, of course, the cream of the crop then – a butt-nekkid Andrew Wolff!

Indie Boys

The indie boys are groovin’! Sometimes we get diamonds in the rough in the indie and bikini open circuit. The one on the left is John Canterbury, half-Brit veteran of bikini contests. He also starred in a couple of indie flicks of the gay genre. The guy on the right is Richard Bradley Arma, half-American veteran of bikini contests, too.  He has appeared as bit player in the movies and in tv soaps. Who’s your bet?


I nearly forgot about this one. Vince Velasco is such a cutie and he’s in this year’s Cosmopolitan [Phils] magazine’s list of 69 “naughty school boys. Well, he could be in the ten centerfolds feature of the magazine, if you ask me. Vince, a graduate of Interdisciplinary Studies at the Ateneo, is also one of the more notable bit players in the hit GMA prime time soap My Husband’s Lover.

Degrees of Ugly

There are many degrees of ugly. For instance, some may find international model Paolo Roldan attractive. Others abhor his look. No doubt he has a crazy bod, but when Bench Body hauled his ass  off to Manila and put up giant billboards of his images, no one really went gaga over the guy.  Is Manila not cosmopolitan enough for this erstwhile Givenchy model? Or is Paolo really butt ugly? 

Models + Kirstey

Shirtless models! Of course, you know Filipino-Japanese Jiro Shirakawa [rightmost] of Bench Body, MossimoMSE and Natasha underwear fame. Then there’s sexy Brazilian Thiago Guenther [middle]. Dutch-Tunisian model Samir Ayeb [leftmost] is a familiar face in Manila’s modeling and club scene. He’s best friends with Raymond, too. And then, there’s this guy at the back, who goes by the name of Kirstey Viray, who has gone up the modeling ladder. Back when he was starting out, Kirstey was a bikini open regular. His talent in the contests is bumping and grinding nekkid in silver body paint. See pictures below.

Gettin’ Ready, Too

Speaking of getting ready for the Cosmo Bash, nipo brasileiro [that’s Brazilian-Japanese for you] model Marcio Camargos is prepping for the big event on 24 September. In style. Neon green is the way to go and this vain and overweening [“His charisma and performances mesmerized many scouts in the fashion industry…He has conquered Asia now more than two years already.”] model in town is showing off!

Aljur Denies Being Sexually Exploited

In other news, Aljur Abrenica denied recently that he’s being “sexually exploited” by being forced to bare in his Sunday show.  The photos here refer to that incident. Aljur said that they [Alden and Enzo, included] willingly shed their clothes in keeping with the presentation’s theme of Asia-Pacific festivals where the men gyrate in little g-strings to Beenie Man’s Gimme Gimme. So, there. Your thoughts?