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Edward Munch

Handsome model, fitness and nutrition expert and showbiz bit player Edward Mendez is showing off his goodies! Of course, all eyes turn towards that ridiculous bulge down there. Eddie studied Sports Science and Medicine from the University of Maryland, College Park . 

The Half-Bikini

Oh, this is funny. From reader GNB came this picture of contestants, one of them giving new meaning to the competition – bikini open. While we may never know middle guy’s real name, age and origin, we understand perfectly that his derring-do [and manscaped do] definitely took him places that night in that dingy little bar somewhere in the metro. 


Iranian model-student Enrique Nor is perhaps the only guy on underwear-billboards-averse EDSA with  a giant image of him in well, underwear. He’s selling Biofresh undergarments, designed to make your penis and nether regions smell like daisies and lemon drops. Enrique, who studies dentistry in Manila, is one of the popular Fashion Week models.

Come & Get Me

That is the title of Aljur‘s concert on 7 November 2013, Thursday. The guy can sing and he can actually bust some moves. Watch him perform at the Music Museum on that day, and expect him to lose some shirt [and maybe his pants. too]. Who’s watching?

Naked As He Came

To those asking about the cocky pictures of post-teenybopper actor Albie Casino [tagged as “Albie Casino scandal” in the worldwide web], they do not exist. Albie, for all his overboldness in showing off his new bod can only go as far as shirtless in jeans or shorts. For now. The guy on the right image bears an uncanny resemblance to Albie, on some angles. His name is Matthew Belino, a bikini open contestant from way back and a regular feature in gay pulps of yore [circa 2008].


Speaking of MHL, here’s a hypothetical question: What if you have a hot [and smooth bubble-butt] boyfriend, say someone who looks like Ahron Villena, would you be willing to let him live with you? Then maybe support him in all his daily and basic needs, as he’s “between jobs” all the time, you know how showbiz rolls. Sometimes you take him with you on the customary vacations to the nice beaches or cosmopolitan Asian cities. In exchange, he does this – butt nekkid and ready for buggeringupon your return from a back-breaking day at work in your thriving business. Would you?


How I wish it could’ve gone lower. But that’s how it goes for now for dreamy athlete Jeron Teng. The 19-year-old baller steered his team, the DLSU Green Archers to the UAAP championship this year, and he’s getting media mileage lately. Don’t you just love clean and smooth guys like Jeron?

Part Two

Now that the sensational prime time soap of GMA, My Husband’s Lover has ended, many are still itching for another pair, a handsome-boys tandem to portray happy but ill-fated lovers on screen. In the mold of TomDen – Dennis Trillo and Tom Rodriguez, of course.
 Maybe a Jake CuencaPaulo Avelino partnership? They do well on tv, plus they have no qualms with the butt-baring, bulge-brandishing scenes, thanks to their experience modeling underwear for local brand Bench Body. Portmanteau: PauJake or Jakulo

How about GMA performers, Enzo Pineda and Rocco Nacino as a couple? They can and will do anything for that elusive thing called fame.  Portmanteau: EnCo or RoNzo
Oh, the boys have grown! Arron Villaflor and Sam Concepcion, erstwhile lanky-sissy teens have all emerged from baby fat. Perhaps they can be a duo on tv, kissing and making out. Portmanteau: SamRon
 Or Piolo Pascual and Coco Martin? They will have to do the adult version, of the hopeless and angst-ridden romance variety. With lots of physical and intimate contact, of course. Perfect for late prime time.  Portmanteau: PioCo or CoPio  

 Teejay Marquez and Zuher Bautista for the TeeHer love team [to the chagrin of you-know-who]? Why not? It will be a launching of sorts. But then again, I’m digressing. Silly me.

Handsome Mug

Model-actor Gerard Sison thinks it’s still summer in Manila: he’s doing that pose. It surely is hot seeing a full-grown man with a handsome mug, in his briefs, sexy and sweaty you could almost smell his strong scent from his bod [and pits]. Gerard knows how to tease, really.

Brawny Boy

In case you were wondering about that strong and strapping guy at the Cosmo Bachelors Bash a few weeks ago, his name is John Daryl Rose. He has been modeling for quite some time. In fact, John Daryl was one of the contestants in the MTV Fashionista Best Model contest [won by Brent Javier].  These days, he’s playing escort to the old queen.  
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