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Merry Christmas!

Dick Head

I am on vacation. You know how the holidays go – family, friends, frenzy. So pardon the instant posts in the coming days. Today, we get to see Anton Gomez‘s full frontal feature. Hottie or nottie?

Monday Miscellany

Contributions from far and wide.
Carlos Agassi wants to do a Victoria’s Secret fashion show.
Young actor Albie Casino is getting buff. Maybe he’ll drop the pants soon
Aljur Abrenica is averse to shirts when performing on tv and we’re not complaining.
Benjamin Alves is the new model of the camel-toe shorts.
Bodie Cruz wants to fly with his new bod.
When  will Daniel Matsunaga bare his untrimmed 70s bush again?
This would have to be Ian Porlayagan in yellow shorts showering outdoors with his rich friend.
JC de Vera would have loved to shower with rich friend, too.
Cutie model Lancer Serrano could be an actor. Or a nude model.
And what’s with the Markki Stroem fascination lately? He’s taken. For now.
Paulo Avelino is gaining weight. Not hot.
This is hot: ex-underwear model Raph Almeda doing a bathroom selfie.
Model Mark McMahon‘s body highlighted by bad stage lighting.
Victor Basa is a new underwear endorser.
And dear Zuher Bautista wants you, us to leave them alone!


Sunday’s Random Nekkid Guy is Richard Guebar, with countless dick pics in this site in the past. He is back and reminds us what he’s got down there. He could be one huge grower with that promising shroom .

Imagining Martin

If you’re trying to figure out how hot Martin del Rosario is in tighty whities, maybe this fan-made photo will do the trick. More or less. Will he finally go all out in a photo shoot soon? If he does this, will his stock – interrupted unceremoniously in the past year – rise again, making him Young Actor Most-Lusted After?

Guy Friday

And the regulation nude guy for Friday is Anton Gomez, one-time bikini open regular and indie bit player. Not that bad, eh? Would you like to see more of his nakedness?


For throwback day, actor Jason Abalos makes an appearance. This was taken when he was still starting out as an underwear model. Cute and boyish despite his age, Jason was an endorser for Cotton Club for years before turning over the reins to Victor Basa.


The king of bikini contests is arguably Allen Molina. His derring-do on stage is one for the books. Butt, gouch and lots of uncovered skin make him the winner in almost all of the competitions in town [and out of town]. What prompted him to do such acts is anyone’s wild guess, as he could have gone the easy path to showbiz cutesy-ness with his charming boyish face and hot bod. 

Dance, Dance

While I’m not really complaining, and I welcome his nakedness anytime, here’s some question: Why is Aljur always required to do some sexy dance on Sunday noon time tv? The show’s creative people obviously want to see an undressed hunky Aljur gyrating and crooning like it’s the last full show. How about a bikini lap dance, then?

Naked Guys Protest

The recent Oblation Run in UP-Los Banos, where naked guys went a-trampling across campus grounds, raising their arms [and some body parts, too] in dissent against relevant national issues. And then again, we were only interested in the man-parts and that one hunky guy with the dangling donger. Tssss.
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