Man Meat

Bench Body has another new model and they released this hazy BTS image of a sexy behemoth just recently. It turns out, he’s 35-year-old Korean-American basketball player Eric Lee Sandrin or Lee Seung-Jun who made quite a splash here during the FIBA Asian games last August. The photoshoot came as result of a petition filed by rabid fans of the 6’9′-tall hunk who wanted to see him nekkid for the local underwear brand. Wish granted.

Dear HBG [half-bikini guy]

I understand it is de rigueur for you, this half-bikini thing. Guess what? I found a real one for you! 
It’s from a Spanish brand called Alter – the “string lateral flash” product. A bit pricey at 22 euros, it’s described as “ultra sexy that encloses one side of the waist, comfort and lateral support are provided by the fabric’s high elastane content.” Meaning it won’t fall off easily. So  you see Mr. HBG, you don’t have to belabor that poor bikini of yours, anymore. Call or email me, I ordered all colors just for you.  

T-back Thursday

Oh, whatever happened to Harry Laurel [and Justin de Leon, too]? Where are they now past their  indie nekkid frolic prime? Back when we were not yet awfully sated with cute boys dropping their pants, showing their butt and scrotum, these two lorded it over the gay fantasies of yore appearing in one memorable film and countless queer magazine spreads. Those were the days.