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Side View

The Brazilian shows his side view, for some hint of a bulge here and there. Hideo Muraoka is transitioning from modelling to showbiz. He’s visible on tv and the movies  lately for some bit parts. The top model is definitely here to stay!

G-Force Royce

Isn’t he a cutie, this Royce Chua of the G-Force Stallions, that popular group of bump-and-grinders composed of cute boys? Did you know that four years ago….

… he was sporting a tight bikini as one of the frontrunners in the Heatwave: The Summer Bikini Showdown? Back then, he was using his real name, Raymond Fortunado. A few repairs here and some adjustments there, he’s now one of the cutest members of the group. Et voila!


Mister International 4th runner-up Gil Wagas is smokin’ the bikini! The 6’3″-tall reed-thin cutie is one of the more popular male mods in town, after his international exposure. He used to play hoops for the University of the East Red Warriors. 

Barely Legal

Back to younger guys. I’m betting my bottom dollar on eighteen-year-old Akihiro Blanco for stardom in the next few years. He’s cute and tall and he can act well. For now, he’s honing his skills in TV5 where he was discovered in the reality show won by Aljur’s bro.  Akihiro can be seen on prime time via the sitcom Madam Chairman.

S.O.G., Too

See, here’s another sexy older guy. Male-model-past-his-prime Jon Avila may not be very visible lately, but he surely can whip up some heat once in a while when he does this. This whole shirtless thing, with all the throbbing veins and the pumped up testosterone, and lots of skin here and there. He is such a dream.


Hey look! The Prince is back! Prince Stefan is making a comeback in showbiz. Well, bit by bit. He’s in the TV5 shows of late, doing some guest appearances in the soaps and shows. This picture is from an outtake in his latest endorsement for a day spa. He’s hotter than ever, definitely!

Sexy Older Guy

How old is Dante Ponce? He looks amazing, still! Older people may remember him from the early 90s as one of the sexy, hunky singers of ballads. He disappeared for quite some time, and now he’s on tv and the movies.  The 6′-tall dad can be seen in Derek Hubalde‘s Zuma show. Who likes them mature?

Monday VPL

What time is it? Time for some sexy, VPLed Brazilian! Joao Chiaffitelli shows us sexy and how. He’s the newest endorser for the thin and gauzy underwear of Bench Body. Here, Joao emphasizes his point. 


All eyes are on the representative of the Filipino community in Australia in this year’s Mister Philippines contest. Twenty-two-year-old Onakee dela Cruz moved to Oz when he was 14, and now he’s back to compete for the top prize – as the country’s rep in the Mister International 2014 competition. The 5’7″-tall cutie is a dancer, singer and actor Down Under.

Metro Body: Rafa

Meet newbie actor Rafa Siguion Reyna. His father is a filmmaker and his mother a famous screenwriter. After graduating with a Communications degree in New York University, he’s bent on pursuing his showbiz dreams in Manila. So far, he’s done theater, tv guest appearances, and this.
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