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Hey look! The skanky underwear worn by bikini open contestants [e.g.,  Harold “Aeron” Cruz below] to win the nod of drooling, slobbering audiences in small bars and venues, is now donned by primo modelo John Spainhour!  I won’t ask who wore it better.

The Player

There’s something about 6’4″-tall Paul Nuilan. Like he’s up to something nasty and naughty. The 25-year-old hunk used to play for the Perpetual Help College Altas and in the PBA D-League.  He’s hot, if you ask me.

Candy Cutie

Isn’t he a cutie? No 411 on this guy yet, but I’m pretty sure there
are lots of images of him in various states of undress coming soon. 
Maybe a feature under the R.N.G. title, too.

Metro Body: Jason

And lastly, we have Jason Abalos doing that bag-over-privates thing for the Body Issue of Metro magazine. Incidentally, Jason celebrated his birthday a couple of days ago. Don’t ask me if he’s in his late 30s, though. The thing is, he still looks awfully sexy!

T-back Thursday

And on Thursdays, we do t-back. 

Wednesday Miscellany

Time for your contributions. The boys are all here!
Alex Castro has flat buttocks

Model John Daryl Rose ushers in the new year in dots.

One-half of the twin towers, David Semerad is smokin’!

While Dennis Trillo is rockin’!

Will JC de Vera‘s dying career get a new boost?
Bit player Johan Santos should do more baring.

June Macasaet has gone terribly blonde.

That boy with Mark HerrasKristofer Martin has full hunk potential.

Sexy-bulgey even in shorts, our boy Martin del Rosario.

Will Rafael Rosell drop the towels soon?

Yeah, crazy-abs Sam Ajdanii.

Our favourite boy, Sebastian Castro is totally naked!

Prince Stefan is back on tv!
(Watch Madam Chairman on TV5 prime time)
Fir pitlovers, singer Young JV shows some good stuff.
And then there’s this guys who looks just like ….. 

Metro AVO

I’ve been thinking –  It would have been better – way better – had Metro Magazine included the Very Tall Man a.k.a. AVO in its current Body Issue. Imagine AVO in all his nakedness, his member propped against some tiny expensive clutch and his low-hanging balls barely covered by the soft leather. That would have been swell. 

Metro Body: Raphael

Oh, pitlovers rejoice! Here’s another one of dem boys flaunting some dark and musky underarms. His name is Raphael Robes, tall, youngish and an up-and-coming model from the same stable of Joseph Marco and Mark Lopez (Metro Bodies last year).  Raph is a third year student at the University of Asia and the Pacific, where he also plays college hoops.


In a present-day bikini contest: 
Mirror, mirror on the dirty wall, who has the biggest penis of them all? 

Dennis the Menace

Witness how Dennis Trillo manages to torture us with his constant teasing. Somehow he still arouses, cranking up the heat in some ways. Like this one, when he’s supposed to show us the full tighty whities shot. Maybe we’re up for some raw bulge or so. Maybe in the near future.
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