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The Brazilian

Where’s the Brazilian? Is he coming back? Or is he out of the country for good?

TomDen Forever

It’s the battle of the pits as 2013 tv’s most successful couple raise their arms [and lower their pants] for the Body Issue of Metro Magazine. Who’s your pet, err, bet? Is it Tom Rodriguez, baring his best pit shot? Or Dennis Trillo, gamely posing with a pricey bag to cover his privates?  


How about this one? Random naked guy, dick-a-dangling.

Metro Body: Randy

In the olden days, Randy Cailles was cute as a button. You wouldn’t imagine him doing this, nearly-mekkid with just an expensive scarf covering his privates. And, he’s shed off the adorable baby fat for the emaciated male model look. Do you prefer Raunchy Randy now?

Metro Body: Sky

Another lucky bag. Filipino-Chinese cutie Sky Yang is one of the more in-demand models in town. At 6’3″-tall, Sky’s also a student of Hotel and Restaurant Administration at the Enderun Colleges. Catch his nakedness in the Body Issue of Metro Magazine this month! Are you digging the look?

Stiff and Strong

Ex-underwear model and showbiz bit player Jon Avila is now back where he came from – the UK. Will he ever come back to Philippine shores and continue his, uh, career? I meant on tv and the movies, like he used to do before. Or will he stay in the land of his birth, where – as he claims – he used to be an investment banker?

Metro Body: Sam

And while we can never see Sam Concepcion‘s bulge [or lack of it] in his newly-minted-gym-bod party via the Body Issue of Metro Magazine this January, at least we can examine his pits, his nips, his beautiful, young torso. Is he going all out this year? Will he finally don the skimpy Bench Body briefs? Are we even interested?

R.N.G. Again

For throwback Thursday, the Random Naked Guy, Richard N. Guebar.  I hope you like the shots.
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