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The nekkid athlete in the Metro Body Issue was really bare-naked after all in the shoot. Joaco Canas was in his birthday suit when he posed with just a pricey bag over his privates. How sexy can that be?

Racy Diego

He’s back! Brazilian model Diego Furoni, known for his risqué photo shoots,  was recently sighted as one of the contestants in Eat Bulaga’s You’re My Foreignoy. Knowing Diego’s knack of shedding clothes in an instant, they really should’ve put in a swimwear portion in the competition.

Enrique should always be nekkid

Because we love, love this barely legal actor, dancer and great tease, we want him nekkid all the time. Never mind the baby fat, he’s cute and hot at the same time. Well, he cranks up the charm when he’s dancing provocatively, too. Oh, Enrique‘s going to be big this year!

Le Sac

What will the noontime shows think of next? Butch and handsome lesbians, sexy gay guys, cute drifters, and now we have foreign models competing on national tv. You’re My Foreignoy, they call it. One of the recent contestants was Antoine Guyon, a French model sojourning in Manila. I think they should have a skimpy swimwear portion.

The Man

Is Derek Ramsay still relevant these days? Is he still in the offing as the best leading-man of all time in Philippine movies? While his star may have faded significantly in the top-actor category, Derek remains as the quintessential hot lead actor in soap operas and in the movies. 


Who likes Derrick Monasterio
Is he one of the new guys on the Leading-Men-In-Waiting Block 
of GMA station?  Will he do sexy any time soon? 

Another Dick

Here’s another anonymous guy with a huge member. 
Keep on sending those nude selfies, I say!
Did you know that this is my 4000th post? Yay!
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