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Dennis Trillo makes hearts swoon. After the success of his prime time gay series in GMA (with that adorable underwear model Tom Rodriguez), Mr. Trillo’s stock has gone up to greater heights. He may not be visible on tv now, but surely there are some meaty projects in the pipeline for this in-demand actor. 


Hot guy Reza Moico reminds me of Dennis Trillo. In a Middle Eastern way. Smoldering look, naughty twitching of the lips. And then again, Reza’s making a name for himself in modelling plus some bit roles on tv on the side. As he’s getting nearly-nekkid, summer’s definitely here!

Super Eddie. Again.

Since there has been an Eddiemania the past couple of weeks in this site, why not another heaping helping of this chunk of a man? And since it’s a Thursday, this one’s a bit of a throwback. Were you looking for this shot of Edward Mendez in the Kung Fu Divas movie?

Boys with Sunnies

The look of summer for boys would have to be this. Shirtless in brightly colored shorts. With sunnies. Plus the mandatory accessory: abs and more abs.  Like these boys, all tanned and ready for the sun and sea. From left: Benjamin Alves, Hideo Muraoka, JC Tiuseco and Brent Javier. And the eternal question: Who’s your boy?

Good Christian

This is how you do underwear modelling. Or at least how we prefer it. Hot bod, with some body hair here and there, and of course, the piece de resistance – the visible penis line! Christian Arno Williams shows us how. Others should follow suit.

Cute Boy

Can anyone ID this cute boy at the Century Tuna
Superbods Super Challenge 2014 go-see last Sunday?
I hope he gets into the finals, he’s such a puppy!

Mister Global

Our country’s rep to the Mister Global 2014 pageant in Bangkok, Thailand is Wilfred Placencia. He was the first runner-up in the Mister International – Philippines contest held recently. The Political Science student from Silliman Uninversity needs your vote for the pageant:  log on to the Facebook page of MisterGlobalOfficial for the Mister Internet Popularity Award.  

The Boys of Dyesebel

Starting tonight on ABS-CBN, we’ll get to see another mermaid series on prime time tv.  The boys who will bare their mighty torsos are Gerald Anderson and

Sam Milby. Will the boys be sexy shirtless all the time in the beach? Will they wear tiny shorts underwater? Will Gerald finally wear tight Speedos? Or Sam – barely out of oblivion – strip down to his boxer briefs? Wishful thinking, actually.

Dream Body Again

This is your dream body. Lean, taut. With a handsome mug attached to it. Add in some strong arms and hands. A bit of hair, in the right places, of course. And that great promise of crotch. As gay theorist Ron Long would say:  there’s a substantial presence there that’s palpable (it looks so touchable, you want to cup your hand over it) and very, very male.

Dear Boys

Remember Denmark Sevilla? He needs something. 
We’ll get something in return, he promises. 
 (Denmark, it’s “baby fat” not “baby fats.”)

The things I get in the mail!
But don’t you just love social media and hot selfies?

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