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Dance, Dance

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The Summer King is also a great dancer. Not exactly your go-go boy, but he’s one of the featured sexy boys in the popular gay dance club Bed Bar in the metro. On weekend nights [and early mornings], he’s in his bright skimpy undergarments entertaining the wild crowd.  Reza Moico a.k.a. Richard Moico is blazin’ hot!

Row Bro

Summer means water and shirtless boys. All the more welcome for our visual delight – shades of cool blue and hot, hot flesh.  Piolo‘s little nephew Benjamin Alves is sexy shirtless in the lagoon. He’s slowly making a name for himself in showbiz. If you see him getting darker [tanner?] these days, he’s off running and swimming and biking just like his athletic uncle.


IMG_7433 copy
And so we move to a new platform. After days of migrating all the posts for the past 7 years  [and interrupted postings], we’re back to semi-regular duty.  Our first guy on the VPL block is popular male model Maverick Kelvin Mangilit. You’ve seen him in the Fashion Week series, Bench Body shows and Cosmopolitan [Phils] Bachelor Bash in skimpy underclothes. Of course, he’s good at teasin’ and taunting in his sexy poses.

Another John


And then there was John. John Spainhour in his new signature pose for underwear modelling: a hint of buttocks in extra tight underthings! It seems like he’s enjoying the ass-whoring lately. Of course, he’s hot that way but methinks he needs to amp up the frontal part just a wee bit.

New Endorser

Finally, Bench Body took heed and signed up bulge-y model Christian Arno Williams as its newest underwear endorser.  Remember his hot selfie where he showed off his assets in Bench Body briefs? Hopefully, the local brand won’t photoshop the lump to a smaller size.

Full Moon

In a local bikini contest, the more skin one shows, the better chances he has at the prize.  Of course, one cannot show his penis in public, out of decency. Maybe just a hint of balls here, or, the more proper choice there – the buttocks. In photo is student and bikini open contestant Antonio Kwong, who mooned the audience the night of the Summer King competition.


Underwear model and tv bit player Pancho Magno is your hunky Pinoy everyman. He’s the straight shirtless neighbor who wears the same basketball shorts for a week or two. The one in the corner street drinking strange gin concoctions with your brother in the middle of the day. The construction worker who deserved a second, third look because of his hot bod and interesting face.  The flirty waiter who likes to wear tight shirts and cheap ass jeans.  Pancho Magno is hot!

This boy reminds me of…

… basketball player, tv personality and commercial endorser Chris Tiu. An impish Chris Tiu. His name is Kris Sicat, a student at the Jose Rizal University. Last weekend, he finished runner-up to Reza Moico in the Summer King competition. It’s the season of the bikini and the boys, the cute boys are coming out of the woodwork! Of course, we’re just too happy to see them thrive in these hot events!

Body of Evidence

This is positive proof that Bench Body tinkers with the bodies of its underwear models. Apparently, the male mods are made to look better, with all the requisite sac and swelling in their proper places. Take for example Portuguese model Tierry Vilson. He’s the latest summer endorser for the popular local brand of underthings [see print ad above]

In reality, however, this is how the photo was taken, warts and all. 
See the huge difference!

Summer King

The Summer King is daring. He’s not deathly afraid of the sun. He likes to wear skimpy briefs like second skin. Reza Moico a.k.a. Richard Moico won the title Summer King over the weekend in some bikini contest in a metro bar. Do you think he deserves it?
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