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Cute Puppy


Our favorite young hunk and babydaddy  Albie Casino – recently turned 21 last week – has gone back to school.

aeron78 copy


5’7″-tall bikini open veteran Aeron Cruz made it to the Philippine Fashion Week runway shows. You know why.

Prince Donovan

Donovan Prince

 He’s back! You might recognize him from the noontime show Eat Bulaga‘s segment of hunky fly-in models, Los Viajeros. Twenty-three-year-old Donovan Prince is in town to resume his modelling and hosting duties. The 6’3″-tall South African hunk is one of the more popular members of the group because of his boyish good looks.


Jeff Langan seems happy.

Meet Peter Dy


 Meet Peter Dy, seasoned model of Philippine Fashion Week and other shows. The 6’1″-tall model with the prominent jawline and impossible cheekbones has landed practically every runway job in Manila’s fashion scene.


Spain1 copy

Spain2 copy

John Spainhour wants to remain anonymous in the dark. But his build [and bulge] gave him away. The hunky model just keeps on going and going with his unlimited underwear ads. Here, he’s showing off his wares, natch!

The Pouch


This could be your next favorite bikini! As modelled by bikini open contestant Jayvee Rodriguez, the underwear with minimal coverage has a fit and comfy pouch, held safely together by a thick yet soft waist band and four leg straps, to keep the balls [and the penis] from peeking through the sides and seams. The cotton lycra yarn provides extra comfort where needed. Tee-hee.


Hot on Top



When Brazilian model Thiago Queiroz Galvao was here, we had to shoot him on top of a roof in Makati. It was so hot, he had to remove his underwear. The 6′-1″-tall hunk has been modelling for quite some time already. He was in Manila for a few months to do some commercials and runway projects.


TBT: Eddie Mendez in the first Bench underwear show.

PJ. Go!

PJ Go1

PJ Perez Go is Not Your Ordinary Boy. The 6′-tall former model is now a singer-performer-actor. He’s in the cast of the afternoon fleshfest Moon of Desire, where he gets to show his acting abilities. Plus more. Prior to his tv stint, he sang and danced in casinos as part of the NYOBG group [with Maui, Ian, Benj and Bonj].

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