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Here We Go!


[Updated] It’s that time of the year when the collegiate basketball players come out to play. For example, Bench Body underwear model Anthony Semerad is putting on his jersey shorts as he suits up for the San Beda Red Lions team. He’s with team mates No. 15 Kyle Pascual [24 years old, center] and  No. 19 JV Mocon[18 years old, power forward]. Of course, there are lots of cute and hunky varsity players out there. Who’s your bet?

The Pelvage

prince de guzman0

It’s the latest trend, showing off some pelvic cleavage in public. The pelvage can be seen on women wearing gowns and dresses with slits so high, all the way up to the pelvis. Why not on men? This is 5’11”-tall up-and-coming model Prince de Guzman, one of the contestants of BodyShots modelling competition. He’s putting the “Body” in BodyShots to good use, don’t ya think?


art6a copy

Mr. Big Nips Art Natividad hopes to jumpstart his modelling career via the fashion designers’ bikini (and runway modelling) competition, BodyShots 2014.  The 5’11”-tall moreno model is considered as one of the shoo-ins for the title, which carries a modelling contract prize.


Tomas’s window display image for Bench Body underwear. Hawt!


IMG_3226 copy

Cute and very daring indie actor JM Martinez is actually our buttocks boy all along. He’s a former bikini open contestant who did the rounds of the things-and-thongs circuit for a few years before venturing into the pink movie industry. He’s churning out flick after flick of the naked-boys-kissing variety.

The Other Padilla


He may not be as famous as his younger brother, the teen sensation Daniel Padilla, but 25-year-old RJ Padilla is slowly making a name for himself in showbiz, too. Once a part of Pinoy Big Brother Unlimited [c. 2011] on ABS-CBN, he’s now with GMA as a sexy sweaty dancer in the variety shows and a sensitive actor in the afternoon soaps.

Friday Miscellany

Everyone, well almost everyone, is on the FIFA World Cup, where football (or soccer) takes center stage.  While they have the hot guys playing footsies, er, football under the watchful eyes of the girls, we also had have the sexy boys here who played on our local fields as the Philippine Azkals.


Like Carlie de Murga, Filipino-Spanish footballer who is one-half of the sexy tandem [the other half is his equally hot brother, Antonio of recent Century Tuna Superbods fame]. When Carlie’s not busy with his ball duties, he’s shirtless commercially endorsing hard liquor.


Who can forget Neil Etheridge? The goalkeeper with the huge hands and large feet and … you get what I mean. Remember his Folded and Hung underwear stint as a model? Those were the days. Of course, he’s still a hottie these days [see pic above].


This is Ahmer Anthony, who once played trained with the Azkals as a midfielder/striker. He’s now doing the rounds of the bikini open sub-culture in the metro.


TBT: Jestoni Alarcon circa 1985.

Budding Performer

AVERY copy

Mr. Curly Top is 20-year-old Avery Paraiso, a member of the NYOB group that performs in casinos around town. The 5’9″-tall commercial model won the 2009 Circle of 10 model search, which paved the way for a showbiz career. He can sing and dance.


Gino Quintana

The indies’ VPL and frontal nudity regular  Gino Quintana is this year’s Best Supporting Actor in the most prestigious film awards body, Gawad Urian for his movie philippino story. The movie’s “a cautionary tale about the dangers of casual male prostitution.”  He’s now known as Junjun Quintana. Bet you didn’t get to see that flick, right? The trailer is here.

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