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Underwear model and tv bit player Pancho Magno tries to tease and moon us. The hunky Bench Body endorser is surprisingly left out of this year’s back-to-school campaign with his images of near-nakedness. This butt crack picture  from way back will do, for now.

Tom Cat


The pièce de résistance in the back-to-school campaign of the local underwear brand is Tom Rodriguez, all beautiful legs, sturdy torso and a slight bump, er, bulge. Mr. Mott is taking center stage in Bench Body as one of the newest and more favored endorsers of the company’s underthings.

Man Art


Remember Hunky Big Nips? Well, he’s in the running for the top prize in Body Shots 2014, the modelling competition sponsored by the Fashion Designers Association of the Philippines [FDAP]. Art Natividad was the winner of Sta. Lucia Mall’s Mr. Sexy Body 2013. Sexy, right?



Sam Milby is half-nekkid and in fighting form in next month’s issue of Men’s Health Philippines

Duty Free


Of course, an ad campaign by the underwear brand known as Bench Body wouldn’t be complete without its resident exhibitionist Jake Cuenca. It’s as if Jakey has a sworn duty to don dem teenie tiny pairs of briefs for public consumption. Heck, he’ll do it for free for  the company that made him, for all he cares!

Enzo’s Turn


Though Enzo Pineda may no longer have that fresh boy aura when he first donned a pair of Bench Body undercrackers for a commercial ad a couple of years back, he’s still packing a wallop in dem boxer briefs in the recent ad campaign for the back-to-school season. What do you think?

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