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Because there is a renewed interest in hottie Agassi these days, here’s more of his bulgy images, this time wet, wet, wet in the pool. Carlos has not been very active in showbiz lately but he sure knows how to stir the imagination [and loins] of girls and girls alike.


Vivo Ouano is a well-built, sexually-attractive man now! Whew!

JamesReidTwinky no more, James Reid!


IMG_5884 copy

Another boy with a cute mug, eh? This is Rookie Renz Dilla from Baguio City. He looks familiar because he’s been in the male pageant circuit for quite some time already. Rookie is a veteran in dem contests. The 5’9″-tall hottie has also worked in Macau before.



Heavy favorite Karan Jit Singhdole may not have won the title at the recent BodyShots 2014 modelling contest, but he surely made some mark  during the swimwear portion. Amidst the collective gasps and shrieks of the audience, the hunky Filipino-Indian model made it as one of the semi-finalists.

Young Actors


Three shirtless young actors and performers – Gerald Anderson,Young JV and Neil Coleta.  They’re so cute and sexy! Makes one wish they have audio-visual recordings pleasuring themselves. Or maybe they’re all in it together. Such wild imaginings.

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