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Victor650 copy

Hottie Victor Basa‘s photo above makes a good subject for wild imaginings. It must be the light, the angle or some stray shadow. I’m wishing it’s some sheer underwear though, revealing Victor’s, uh, anatomy. Just the same, he is one hot, tall-dark-and-handsome underwear model!

Sweet and Fresh

Nikodel9 copy

One of the standouts in the go-see for the Bench fleshfest a few weeks ago was Nico del Rosario, younger brother of equally-hot Azkals main man Anton.  With his classic Asian good looks, Nico’s on his way soon to become a main endorser for the local brand.


Pit lovin’! James Reid!

Wearing Bench Body

L1421754 copy

Now you understand the appeal of the local underwear brand Bench Body. Just about anybody else can wear it and feel sexy about the whole thing. It highlights the contours of the body, where the sun does not necessarily shine. It makes someone feel good. Model: Jayvee Ramos of bikini open world.

Model with VPL

osny copy

If only the strict moral codes of the advertising industry were relaxed a wee bit more, then we can have more VPLed underwear models from Bench Body and its ilk. Like fly-in model Osny Fernandez here, who’s an undergarments catalog model on our local shores. Here, we can see that he’s up for the sexy challenge.

IanB37 Ian Batherson is still the king of bathroom VPL selfies!

A Semerad


Sounds like semen rod. Because David Semerad is still one of the hottest semen rods in basketball (and modelling), he’s still part of the Bench Body entourage of top models and endorsers. That’s double the hot, hot fun, of course, as he teams up with his identical twin Anthony.

Clean Cut

Markki34 copy

One more. Maybe one of the reasons Markki was chosen as the lead exhibitionist in this year’s Bench Body fleshfest campaign is because of his boy-next-door demeanor.  Sweet and clean cut, you wouldn’t expect him baring – butt, balls and all, for the camera. Clean-shaven, too.


Sexy as fuck: Hideo!

The Dribbler


The presence of baller Jeron Teng on the Bench Body roster of models is polarizing, to say the least. Some love him to bits. Others just hurl unspeakable words on the basketball player. Maybe we can all agree that he’s really hot, from the neck down? And he’s good on the court! Now, let’s not start with the poor brother.

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